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AMC's David Canary: "Playing Twins on a Five-Day-a-Week Show Was One of The Best Gigs of My Life"

Long before his fellow Pine Valley alum Sarah Michelle Gellar was playing a character who has her own Ringer on The CW, All My Children's David Canary was making the practice an artform as ruthless Adam Chandler and his sweet-though-slightly-off brother Stuart.


The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a poignant interview up with Canary—as well as TV Guide's Michael Logan—discussing both Canary's epic run on the series and the legacy of Agnes Nixon's All My Children — the first soap to mix humor with social relevance. Said Canary on his dual role:

"Playing twins on a five-day-a-week show was one of the best gigs of my life," Canary said from his home in Connecticut. "It forced me to stay in shape, both physically and mentally. I 'made believe' in more acute angles than I thought possible. I played two people at once, and I knew them both from their loftiest dreams to their nastiest schemes. It was a gas. And, man, was it fun."

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Below Logan shares about the true legacy of AMC, and no, he says, it wasn't all of La Lucci's Daytime Emmy misses:

"The real legacy of 'All My Children' is that Agnes Nixon made her show about issues," Logan said. "She had an anti-Vietnam War story in the early '70s. Erica was the first character to have a legal abortion on television. It proved that the audience was willing to broaden its expectation of what a soap opera could do. It was not only the most adult, most relevant soap opera, it showed what soaps could be at their best."

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