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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly wants a late night snack but finds Kelly’s closed, until Shawn shows up with a key and makes her some food. Carly’s sad that Jax is gone and so is Morgan, even though he’s happy at school. She’s upset that her best friend is marrying a woman who hates her. Shawn turns on the jukebox and the two share a dance until it gets to be too much and Shawn takes off.

Lucky finds Spixie, who explain that someone shot Joey. Lucky tells them to go to the hospital to get checked out so Spinelli carries Maxie off. Lucky finds a bottle of pills in Joey’s pocket.

Johnny finds JT and gets all the bakery information from him, including the name of the last member of Anthony’s team, Rudy Trujillo. Johnny gets JT to set up a meet with Rudy and them manages to get them to shoot each other dead.

Sam finds Jason walking the halls and worries that he’s doing too much too soon, but Jason says he’s practicing for the wedding. Back in his bed, Sam wonders if she’s being too self indulgent and spoiled. She feels under a lot of pressure and that the wedding needs to be perfect, but Jason tells her to forget what everyone else wants. She just wants to get married.

Kate pays Kristina a visit and brings her a bag of goodies from Crimson, which Kris doesn’t want to accept, until Kate says they’re gifts from clients.

Sonny grabs Matt and threatens him regarding Kristina. Patrick tells him to back off and says no one could have done a better job in that surgery, including himself. Matt leaves to check on Kristina and Sonny accuses Matt of screwing up the surgery. Patrick accuses Sonny of being out of control and Sonny wonders if Patrick is looking out for the hospital or doing damage control for his brother.

Sonny says Matt had no business operating on Kristina, but Patrick says the problem didn’t show up on the scans, and Matt did the right thing. Sonny goes to leave to see Kristina and Patrick accuses him of doing enough damage to her already and that she needs a parent who isn’t out of control. Patrick says Matt fixed the damage Sonny caused and gave Kris a chance at a life.

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Matt checks out Kristina and tells her she’s improving. She wonders about the lack of mobility and he assures that all should be fine when the swelling goes down.

Sonny stops by Kristina’s room and talks about wanting to take a trip with her to some place by his island that makes you feel peace and hope. Kate watches as he tries to connect with his daughter. When Sonny leaves, he goes to Matt and apologizes for his behavior earlier. Kate sees that too, and thinks there might be hope for Sonny yet.

Mac shows up at the scene and Liz says Lucky came through and Mac is happy that Lucky was on the case. Dante gives Mac an update and Liz goes through what she knows. When Mac walks off, Dante warns her that the less Mac knows about Lucky, the better.

Max updates Jason on the goings on and mentions that everyone, but Sonny likes Shawn. Jason reminds him about extra security on the wedding. Sam returns and realizes that the wedding is the perfect opportunity for someone to make a move. Max comes back later and Jason admits he wants Shawn’s help because of Franco.

Dante takes Liz to the hospital to be checked out. Matt examines the cut on her head as Spixie arrives. Maxie isn’t happy with Matt’s attention to Liz. She points out that she’s got an owie and Spinelli broke a finger. Matt tells her to go home. He’ll take care of Liz’ cut then set Spin’s finger.

Spixie stops by to see JaSam and admits that the ring is lost, likely for good. Maxie swears it doesn’t matter, that the ceremony will be beautiful.

Lucky gives Mac an update, including someone killing Joey, JT and Rudy. Mac commends Lucky, saying he didn’t think Lucky could handle the case, but Lucky proved him wrong. Lucky hands him the bottle of pills that he found on Joey and Dante shows up to take the bottle. Lucky wonders why Dante stopped him from telling Mac the truth, but Dante wants him to be clean first.

Johnny shows up at the restaurant, where Anthony is still eating. He lets him know that he cleaned up his mess and got rid of the riff raff. Anthony wonders who’ll get the blame and Johnny admits that he was going to point the finger at his father, but someone pissed him off more than his father did.

Franco’s taking pictures and waxing poetic about a return to Port Charles.