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How Will All My Children's ABC Run End?

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Will the denizens of Pine Valley live happily ever after once All My Children leaves ABC's airwaves? Susan Lucci,  Michael E. Knight and showrunner Julie Hanan Carruthers, spoke with TV and revealed what fans have to look forward to on Sept. 23


Tell us what you can about how it all ends.

Carruthers: What you get — and this was our No. 1 priority — is a sense of family. So, all of the families, whether they're at the height of dysfunction or they're most connected, all the families come together in one way or another. Our last week is a true tribute to the families that make up the canvas of Pine Valley. Trust me, you will need a Kleenex every day of the final week.

Knight: Our major strength in soaps is legacy, the families and people who you get to know and invite into your living room 20 years in a row. They brought Agnes, which was a blessing for us because we get to revisit some of that legacy and that family stuff. The history of the show didn't mean so much for a while, for maybe the last 10 years. I get a curtain call that I don't think I would have without them.

Lucci: Adam and Brooke are throwing a party in the final episode, and I was surrounded by the whole cast, so the setting was spectacular and perfect for the last day of shooting. I looked out to all the crew and just mentally took pictures of all of them. And then the last night was a real outpouring of love from the cast and the crew to Agnes. At the end, she said she wanted to sing a song that she felt was really appropriate and she wanted us to sing it with her. It was the Noel Coward song "I'll See You Again." She sang beautifully, and everyone joined in. I will say after that there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

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