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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante goes to his mother to ask her help in proposing to Lulu. Olivia tells him to practice on her, which he does, but she reminds him he doesn’t have a ring.

Ethan asks Lulu to let him set up some games in the back, but Lulu wants his help in getting her to disappear for a few days. Ethan warns her that she’ll regret it since its gets lonely, but Lulu thinks things will end badly if she stays. She says she and Dante don’t have a future because he can’t be honest with her and she needs some time alone. Ethan agrees to help set up the arrangements.

Carly explains to Shawn how she blackmailed Jax into giving her half of the hotel and admits she gets other people to do her dirty work. Jax deserved better. She figures she can at least keep up the ruse that he’s dead. Sonny shows up which angers Carly. Sonny says he wants to apologize and that he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore, but Carly’s not buying what he’s selling. Sonny swears he’s hit rock bottom, but Carly says she’s seen his rock bottom and this isn’t it.

After he’s gone, Shawn points out that if she sends Sonny away, all her men will be gone. She jokingly points out that he’s still around, but Shawn says he’s being paid, which clearly hurts Carly. She tells him to leave.

Maxie tells Sam the invitations were never sent out, but promises that Spin will send out a mass email. She also says she picked out new rings that are engraved, but is shocked to see the wrong names. Monica arrives and offers Sam Alan’s ring. Sam accepts it.

Kate looks at the wedding gowns and remembers the gunshot. Maxie calls for help, but Kate hangs up on her. Maxie calls again and says she promised Crimson coverage. Kate says the dress is there, but she’s not sending it to Maxie.

Spinelli and Jason are discussing tuxedos, when Edward shows up to give him Lila’s ring for Sam. Jason refuses it, but Edward says his grandmother would want him to have it. Maxie calls Spin to get on his computer and send the emails. Spin looks apprehensively at the computer.

Liz shows up at the penthouse, worried that Jason has released himself. She understands that he loves Sam, but feels she needs to tell him something before the wedding. Spinelli warns that some things are better left unsaid, but Jason tells him to leave them. Liz apologizes for causing the car accident, because she was distracted by Siobhan. Jason knows she didn’t mean to hurt anyone but Liz feels her mistakes tend to cost more. She says she’ll always blame herself for not paying closer attention to Jake. Jason feels this is where they’re supposed to be.

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Sonny runs into Robin at the hospital and wants to apologize for what happened in her house. Robin tells him despite his bad childhood, he needs to stop inflicting his pain on other people. She admits he helped her through a dark time in her life, but she can’t continue to be friends, based on the person he used to be. Before she leaves, he asks about Jason. She tells him Jason checked out already.

Carly goes to see Sam, admitting there’s tension between them. She knows how much Sam means to Jason and she wants him happy and won’t stand in their way. Sam says happiness takes awhile sometimes.

Sonny’s sitting with Alexis in Kristina’s room, when Ethan shows up. Alexis drags Sonny away, before he can tell them that he doesn’t want Ethan and Kris getting closer. Alexis warns him this isn’t the time to ban Ethan. Sonny’s just happy that Kristina isn’t looking at him with hate in her eyes.

Kristina is telling Ethan about her visit with Kate, when Ethan accidentally hits her leg and she feels it. She also moves her toes and excitedly reminds him of the promised dance at Sam’s wedding.

Sonny stops by the restaurant to talk to Olivia, but she’s busy setting things up for Dante and finally admits to Sonny that Dante is going to propose. Sonny goes to Kate, letting her know that he’s making amends. He wants her help in getting rid of his demons, but she says she can’t be his safe haven. Sonny says he’s a man in crisis and Kate finally comes around and tells him he has five minutes of her time.

Dante shows up at the Star. Apparently Ethan told him Lulu was going to take off. He asks her to trust him and go with him. He takes her to the restaurant and starts to tell her how he feels about her, but she starts talking about lack of trust. Dante finally asks her to marry him.

Alexis and Molly head over to Sam’s, where Maxie’s complaining that the maid of honor hasn’t been picked. Sam jokes about Kris and Molly, but finally asks Maxie to do it. Maxie asks about the something borrowed, new and blue. Molly gives Sam Shawn’s rock, saying it’s new to her and borrowed. Maxie says she has new blue pumps for Sam, but the wrong shoes are in the box.

Shawn lets Jason know that security has been beefed up and wonders why Jason is so worried about Franco. Jason says Franco’s been quiet too long.

Franco natters on nonsensical stuff, ready for his return.

Jason goes to Sam’s place, and finds her in her wedding gown. She says it’s bad luck but he just thinks she looks amazing. Sam admits she didn’t realized how important the dress was, than tells Jason that she can’t do this.