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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante’s worried that he messed up the proposal, then gets down on one knee with a ring. Lulu’s just surprised because they went from broken up to proposal with no break in between. Dante hates that she can’t trust him and he’s trying to be better. He wants to share their future together. Lulu says she can’t say yes yet, that she needs a break, but promises to look him in the eye when she gives him her answer.

Franco watches as Maxie and Spinelli head off to continue their wedding planning. At the Crimson offices, she tells him to get on the computer, but he tries to get out of it by saying his hand still hurts. He later, presses buttons to no avail.

Jason’s upset that he broke the rule about seeing the dress. Sam feels there are too many rules. Things have gotten out of hand. Everyone has their own ideas. Things have gotten way over the top and she doesn’t need all these complications. Jason wonders what she wants. Sam says she wants things simple. So they take off on his bike and end up at a Chinese restaurant run by Robert and his grandparents.

Sam explains that they’re running from their wedding. Jason claims they have no problem with commitment and that he’d marry her right there. Robert tells them they can, since he’s an ordained minister but that they need a license, which Jason conveniently has in his pocket.

Sam feels this is fate, it feels right, so they decide to get married there. Robert talks about a dragon and a phoenix and then asks about rings. Both Jason and Sam are surprised when the other says they have a ring. Jason pulls out Lila’s ring, tells her that Edward gave it to him and that Lila wore it for 50 years. He then slips it onto Sam’s finger. Sam pulls out Alan’s ring and explains that it was what Alan would have wanted and slips it onto Jason’s finger.

Robert recites the vows and they both say I do. The grandmother gives them two glasses of wine, tied together. Robert tells them to drink the sweet, the rich and then pronounces them husband and wife.

Johnny catches Anthony leaving and wonders where his father is going. Anthony mentions spending time with a woman. Johnny asks what the information was on Tracy that Skye gave him, but Anthony just leaves.

Anthony goes to see Lisa and tells the doctor to go ahead with the experimental drug; Lisa gave him power of attorney to do what needed to be done.

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Johnny tells one of his minions to take the drugs from the boat and put them in Sonny’s coffee warehouse. Then Johnny will call in an anonymous tip and there will be no proof he was behind it.

Patrick questions why he’s not scheduled for a surgery. Robin reminds him they need to go to JaSam’s wedding, something Patrick is not interested in. Robin feels she ended up with Patrick because of her past with Jason. She says Jason is her friend and she wants to tell them how happy she is for them and doesn’t want to go alone. Patrick accepts her friendship with Jason but not Sonny.

Robin offers to get a hotel room and make a night of it, so Patrick agrees to go, since it’s important to her, but reserves the right to slap or punch Sonny if he causes trouble.

Lulu stops by Crimson and tells Maxie about Dante’s proposal, but she didn’t know how to answer. Maxie wonders if Lulu thinks it’s worth risking Dante just because she’s scared. She asks if Lulu wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Lulu says she’s going to give Dante an answer, but needs Maxie’s help setting it up.

Lucky’s putting Siobhan’s stuff away when Dante shows up for an update on the case. He asks about Anthony’s connection to the dead men. He tells Lucky he proposed and asks how he’s supposed to convince Lulu to marry him. Lucky asks if he’s sure Dante wants to marry into the Spencer family.

Dante says he’s not marrying the family. Lucky says it will be different than with him and Siobhan since Lante are going into it already in love with each other. Lucky tells him not to hold anything back, not to play it safe or protect himself from pain. Dante says there’s no one like Lulu and Lucky tells him to be patient. Lulu needs to get used to the idea and she’ll come around.

Sam wonders what to tell Maxie, but Jason says they’ll tell their families they got married, tomorrow night.

Maxie asks when Lulu wants to do this thing for Dante. Lulu says, tomorrow night.

Lucky says they need to keep an eye on Anthony. Dante agrees that everything needs to be in place, tomorrow night.

Johnny tells him minion it’s going down, tomorrow night.

Franco’s hanging out at Windermere and finds a portrait of Laura. He sets up his cameras, ready for tomorrow night.