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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu’s helping out Kate on behalf of Maxie. Sonny comes by to ask Kate to go to the wedding with him. She’s upset he would ask, considering it’s the exact same date of their wedding, three years ago. Where she was shot at the altar. Sonny promises lots of security and claims he wants to erase bad memories, but she points out he’s asking her only because everyone else hates him. She says he’s burned his bridges with her as well and refuses to join him.

Robin reminds Patrick about the wedding. He says he’s going because it’s important to her. Matt gets a letter and celebrates its contents.

Anthony’s talking to a comatose Lisa, wondering why she’s not awake yet. After he’s gone, her hand moves.

Maxie shows up at the church and is horrified that nothing is there, including the bride and groom. Shawn shows up to check security. When Sonny arrives, he tells Shawn to check the choir loft, since it’s a great place to shoot from.

Sam and Jason wake up together. Sam says she finally feels free and decides they need to tell Maxie that they aren’t coming. Maxie calls, wondering where they are, then warns them to show up in twenty minutes. They never get the opportunity to tell her the truth.

The Davis coven is leaving the hospital and Kristina thanks Matt for allowing her to go. Alexis wonders what her girls are up to and is not really surprised when Mac shows up to take them. He admits he was going anyway, to keep his eye on things. Molly says there is another surprise. Kristina stands up from her wheelchair to Alexis’ delight. Matt reminds them Kris still needs rehab and to come back to the hospital right after the wedding.

Dante and Lucky figure Anthony won’t hit the church, but they need to cover Sonny’s properties. Dante decides he’ll cover the coffee warehouse. Lulu calls, asking Dante to meet her at his apartment when he’s done work. Dante promises to be there. Dante realizes that Lucky’s distracted and decides he can handle things alone and takes off.

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John confirms with his minion that the drugs have been planted in the warehouse

Carly stops by the warehouse to get Michael on her way to the wedding. She’s not happy that Michael is working there, since it holds such bad memories. Michael questions her sending Morgan away, but she points out that Morgan is happy and safe. Abby arrives and they decide to go together. While Michael is off getting dressed, Carly decides to go ahead of them but forgets her gift behind.

Ethan helps Lulu plan her surprise for Dante. She sets up the apartment to look like the wedding proposal scene from an opera. Lulu thanks Ethan for supporting her. He’s happy to have siblings. Lulu admits she’s glad Luke isn’t there, since he’d likely not be happy she’s getting married. Ethan says he feels sorry for his father, because he ran out on everything that mattered. He says Lulu deserves to be happy and he’s glad she didn’t leave town.

Anthony gets home to find Johnny heading out and asks where he’s going. Johnny refuses to tell him, but gets angry at the mention of Sonny. Anthony warns him that getting too personal can cause accidents to happen. After Johnny leaves, Anthony grabs his gun and follows.

Lucky’s getting rid of Siobhan’s stuff, but when the box falls down, he sees two pills under the couch.

Despite the lack of invitations, people start arriving for the wedding. Edward, Monica, Robin, Patrick, Carly and Matt, who wants to share his good news with Maxie. She’s too distracted to listen.

When the guests are seated, Maxie apologizes for the delay and tells them JaSam isn’t there, just as they arrive. Jason thanks all for coming, but says there won’t be a wedding. Carly smiles at that news, until JaSam announce they’ve already gotten married. Spinelli invites everyone to the reception, but Maxie says the reception is out since the catering truck overturned.

Sam invites Robert and his grandparents, who bring enough food for everyone. Maxie realizes this is exactly what JaSam wanted. Jason thanks Robin for coming and teaching him how to love. JaSam thank Edward and Monica for the rings. JaSam share a dance. Franco watches from the cameras and mimics the dance with Sam’s wedding dress. Carly angrily watches Sonny. Kate shows up. Lulu waits for Dante and prepares the champagne.

Johnny double checks that everything is set up at the warehouse and decides to take one last look around. Dante arrives, so Johnny hides, but Johnny makes a noise, so Dante heads over to take a look. Before Dante has a chance, Anthony shows up and shoots him from behind.