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One Life to Live Spoilers: Cord and Tina Return!

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An explosion, two blasts from the past,and a fist fight shake things up in Llanview. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of September 26!

Cord/Clint/Tina: Cord is going to show up at Llanfair to surprise Clint. However, the surprise will not be happy. Cord will express his extreme discontent of Rex's management of Buchanan Enterprises. As things begin to escalate, Bo is going to interrupt the two. Things are only going to get more complicated for Cord, because Tina will return to Llanview with her dog, David Vickers. After a little business with Todd, Tina and Cord will have a reunion. The former couple will relive some old times and come to an understanding. Tina's dog is going to come up missing and Cord will reach out to Tina. Doggie David Vickers and Bo are going to find something very shocking. Will Cord and Tina try to reignite their old flame?

Todd/Tea/Starr: Todd will finally get Tea to represent him in the Victor Lord Jr. case. Soon after, Todd will get a threatening note from Irene. Todd is going to confide in Starr that the letter means trouble for the family and he must get out of jail to help everyone. Todd presses Starr to bust him out of jail, and she will eventually relent. Irene is going to place a bomb outside Victor's will reading. News of Todd's escape will get around to everyone, and Blair is going to more than upset with Starr. Todd will explain he had Starr break him out of jail due to Irene's threat against their family.

While trying to find Irene, Todd will run into an irritated Tina. Tina is going to explain that she was not in Victor's will and wants Todd to help her challenge the will. The two will argue and Tina is going to show Victor Lord's ring to Todd. Todd will leave to find Irene and the mother and son will have it out. Suddenly, they will hear a loud explosion. Irene will inform her son that the explosion was the sound of his family dying. Is Irene telling the truth or is she bluffing?

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Irene/Viki: Irene is going to pay Viki a visit with the intent of "apologizing" to her old friend. Their conversation quickly turns sour and Viki will rip Irene a new one. Irene will end up flipping things on Viki. What will Irene do to Viki?

Blair/Jack/Tomas: Blair is going to do everything she can to get Jack to tell the truth about his memory of the night Victor died. Blair will be dangerously close to getting the truth, when Dani and Tomas will accidentally interrupt. A little later, Tomas will take the blame for Todd's hard time at the agency. Will Blair find a way to get the truth out of Jack?

John/Natalie/Brody: John will attempt to tell Natalie that he still loves her, but will see her engagement ring at the last second. The ring is going to change John's mind about Natalie. The duo will part, leaving Natalie very upset. Bo is going to find an emotional Natalie, and wonders what's going on. She takes off once again, and will decide to speak to Rex about her engagement to Brody. Rex will have doubts about Natalie's reasons to marry Brody.

Speaking of Brody, he will ask Clint for permission to marry Natalie. Clint is not going to be convinced that Brody is right for Natalie. Brody will use Jessica as a way to get Clint to agree to the marriage. After, Brody will look for Natalie to tell her the good news. Natalie is going to be having a talk with Jessica. Jessica is going to sucker Natalie into an argument, which will end in the sisters fist fighting. (Side Note: My money is on Jessica.) Brody will break up the fight and take Natalie out of the room. Jessica's anger will only increase from Brody's actions. Once Natalie cools off, Viki is going to speak to her daughter about her lingering feelings for John McBain. Will Natalie and John find their way back to each other?

Jessica/Ford: Jessica will tell her problems to Ford. Later on, Jessica is going to reluctantly tell Clint and Viki about her brawl with Natalie. In turn, Clint will inform Jessica of Brody's visit. Jessica will not be pleased with the way her life is going at the moment. However, that will change when she comes across the real DNA test that names John the father of Natalie's baby. Will Jessica give Natalie the paper or use it to her advantage?

Rex/Gigi: Rex will once again "see" Gigi. However, this time Rex is going to tell Shane that he's been having visions of Gigi and reveals something she gave him. In turn, Shane will bring his father up to speed on his actions the night of Victor's murder. What will Shane tell Rex?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (October 3):

  • Tomas and Starr end up in jail.
  • Blair and Todd relive the old days.
  • Bo risks his life to save others.
  • Jessica thinks about telling Brody about her discovery.
  • Natalie finds something that could put her loved ones in danger.
  • Cord and TIna come close to a kiss.
  • A death rocks Llanview!