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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anthony shoots Dante in the back then heads back home to wait for Johnny. When Johnny gets home, Anthony says he warned his son about acting on emotion. Johnny had several options, but chose to run. Johnny’s shocked to hear his father was there, but Anthony assures him that he shot to save Johnny’s life. He brushes it off as it being only one of Sonny’s men.

Spinelli gives his best man speech. He points out that Jason and Sam are nontraditional people. They took their own unique path to get married. He explains that when he came to town he had no one. JaSam took him in and they are his family. He toasts the happy couple.

Molly gushes to Maxie about her and Spinelli. Maxie denies there’s anything between her and Spin, claiming to be in a committed relationship with Matt. Maxie opens a fortune cookie, who’s message reads, “Love is non conventional,” but isn’t happy with that.

Alexis asks Sam’s permission to give her mother of the bride speech. Alexis says despite not knowing Sam until she was an adult, she did look forward to her future. While Jason may not have been what Alexis had in mind, she took a deeper look and realized he was perfect for Sam. Alexis says she actually likes Jason and knows he loves her daughter. Sam gives her mother a hug and Jason tells her he appreciated the speech. Alexis welcomes him to her family. Mac tells her she gave a good toast, but points out that her daughter married the mob.

Abby opens her fortune to find it blank, which bothers her despite Michael’s assertions that it means a clean slate, they’re starting together. Michael’s reads, “love lies bleeding” and takes it to be about bleeding hearts. The two decide to go and make out in JaSam’s limo.

Sonny’s surprised that Kate showed up at the wedding. She complains at the simplicity of the ceremony, considering Maxie’s been working on it for weeks. Kate’s fortune reads, “Love wears a familiar face.”

Robin’s fortune reads, “Love never sleeps,” which she finds ironic as a mother. Patrick’s fortune reads, “Love never dies.” The two decide to leave and start their romantic night together. Lisa’s hand continues to twitch.

Lulu calls Ronnie, looking for Dante. He says Dante wasn’t scheduled to work tonight. She tried Dante on his cell, but Dante’s not able to answer. Dante tries to drag himself to the door.

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Olivia sets up a picnic for Steve on the roof. She asks about his time in Memphis, but appears distracted. When Steve asks, Olivia says she’s waiting to hear from Dante. He was supposed to be proposing.

Carly commends Shawn for a job well done, since a victimless wedding in PC is unheard of. Shawn walks off and opens his fortune. It reads, “Love is just around the corner.” Around the corner, Carly opens her fortune, which reads the same thing.

Kristina opens her cookie and finds the message, “Love will stand you up.” Molly reads it as Ethan not being her man. However, Kris reads it as her physically being able to stand, thanks to Ethan. Kristina tells Alexis that she’s decided she wants to pursue a career in fashion, which surprises Alexis. She thought Kris was going into law. Alexis points out that fashion is cut throat, but Kristina is sure Ethan will be there for her.

Monica opens her cookie to read, “Love lives on.” Edwards’s says “love is an L word.” Monica wonders if JaSam will make it. Edward points out that he and Lila and she and Alan made it. You know, except for the pesky infidelities.

Maxie keeps opening cookies to find one that she wants. Matt tells her that love is about commitment and dedication.

Alexis opens her cookie and reads, “Love is behind you.” She turns to find Mac standing there and runs out.

Sonny’s happy to see that Kristina can walk again. Kristina tells Kate that she wants a career in fashion. Kate tells her to sleep on it a couple of days then they’ll talk.

Jason opens his fortune. It reads “Love is in the eye of the child.” Sam’s reads hers, “Love comes in threes.” They decide it’s time to head out on their honeymoon. Jason thanks everyone for spending the day with them and that they’re on their way to Hawaii. Sam tells Jason she thought someone would ruin the wedding. Jason tells her he loves her, and the two take off on his motorcycle.

Franco somehow has a fortune cookie and opens it to read, “Love is inconceivable.” With a red pen, he crosses off the in. He wonders what to give the couple that has everything and then has an idea and writes a message on his wall; NO2CCAH5. I think that’s the formula for baking soda. I kid!

Lulu sits alone, waiting for her phone to ring. She looks at the engagement ring. Carly asks Michael to drive her back to the warehouse to get the gift. She doesn’t want to go alone. Michael goes in to get the gift and finds Dante lying there.