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Prospect Park Christens Internet Channel "The Online Network"

I don't know if a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but come January 2012 All My Children and One Life to Live will be airing on something called The Online Network, as opposed to American Broadcasting Company. I can't lie. I'm not crazy about the blah moniker (TON?!), but I wouldn't care if they called it the Itchy Gitchy Ya Ya Ya Channel, so long as I can still see my stories.


According to the press release, The Online Network also has a full slate of first run comedies, dramas and lifestyle programming in development. 

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"The viewer response to the shows we have licensed has been tremendous, and we have much more in development to appeal to a broad audience base," said PP principles Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz.

I for one am wishing these trailblazing gents all the luck in the world. Now for some suggestions. Once you make a go of All My Children and One Life to Live's reboots. How's about doing a modern day version of Peyton Place