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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Devon's Mom Hits Genoa City!

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Tucker/Devon/Yolanda: Rain man could figure out who is playing Yolanda. Just as Tucker and Devon discover they are father and son, his mother hits Genoa City.

Tucker/Katherine/Jack:  Old Smilin' Jack and the rebel billionaire make a secret alliance about Jabot. Later, Jack debates if he's doing the right thing by teaming up against Katherine. Meanwhile, mother and son face off once again in court over Jabot. The drama surrounding getting Jabot, causes Kay to end up in the hospital. Brock returns to town to be by his mother's side.

Jack: He starts to think Victor is behind Billy not being home.

Sam/Victoria/Billy/Chloe/Kevin: The Abbott playboy takes a secret trip to the home he once shared with Victoria. Billy is a bit taken aback when he sees Sam and Victoria together. He listens in on the two and returns to his trailer. Billy asks Michael what is going on with Sam and Victoria, but the Newman stooge keeps quiet. Michael tells Billy to stay put in the trailer and takes off. Billy being Billy, decides to return back to his house and find out what is going on with Sam and Victoria. Billy is almost spotted by them, but quickly hides in the house.

Billy hears Sam talking sweetly to Keely, but assumes he's talking to Victoria and is heartbroken and returns to his trailer. Meanwhile, Kevin is eaten up inside over the lies he has told about saving Delia and Chloe being so grateful for his help. Billy tells Kevin to stick with it if he wants to be with Chloe. Kevin doesn't like what he's doing, but decides to keep the lie going. Victor's plans for Billy may go up in smoke, Cane finds out he's back in Genoa City. When the truth comes out, it all hits the fan.

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