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Ugh, Ugh, Double Ugh. Premiere of The Chew Matches Most Recent All My Children Numbers; Bests Soap in W18-49!

This isn't a good sign for our remaining sudsers. ABC Daytime's cheapo replacement for All My Children, The Chew, premiered to 2.5 million viewers, or basically about the same number of people who watched AMC during the most recent rating's cycle (Sept. 12-16).


According to TV By The Numbers, the premiere episode of the insanely hyped foodfestwhich I hear was an overcrowded, hot mess, and didn't even feature tentpole Chewer Mario Batali (He appeared via satellite from a charity golf tourno!)—bested AMC 's Sept 12-16 numbers among women 18-49.

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You just know Les Moonves and the peeps over at NBC are paying close attention to this. Hopefully it will be a sign to Sony that something drastic needs to happen at The Young and the Restless —like firing Maria Arena Bell—before that soap's continued, record low ratings cause CBS to start looking at it like a vulture would, while flying over a weakened herd. 

Basically, if the networks continue to prove they can almost match—or just best— the numbers our beloved soaps are pulling in with run-of-the-mill, bargain basement, inexpensive schlock, we're done for as a genre in like three years tops.  I really hope the four soaps which haven't been cancelled straighten up and decide to fly right.