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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Michael puts his jacket on Dante, grabs his phone to call, then wipes the blood on his shirt. Carly’s upset when she walks in, but he assures her and Abby that it isn’t his blood and they notice Dante on the ground. Abby says she’ll call an ambulance, but Michael doesn’t want her to. It will alert the police and assures them they can get Dante to GH themselves. Abby is shocked Michael is more concerned about covering for Sonny than his brother bleeding to death. Carly tells her to make the call.

Michael swears Sonny didn’t do this, but Carly points out they have no idea what happened. Michael continues to defend his father. He says Sonny wouldn’t shoot Dante again and certainly not where Michael was shot. He figures one of the other families took advantage of the distraction of the JaSam wedding. Michael thinks something is off about the warehouse and calls Max for help.

Maxie complains to Spinelli that the universe is against her. She doesn’t understand how everything could have gone wrong. Spin points out that it doesn’t matter, since JaSam got married anyway. However, Maxie is determined to track down the problem, in order to redeem herself in Kate’s eyes.

Kate remembers the gunshot. Sonny asks if it’s hard for her to be here. Kate says they need to move past it. Kate commends Sonny for the way he was with Kristina, but feels the kinder, gentler Sonny won’t stick. Alexis shows up to talk to Sonny and tells him Ethan drove Kristina back to the hospital. Alexis wonders why Kate would encourage Kris to go into fashion, but Kate wonders if Alexis has asked Kristina what she wants.

Alexis says Kris is intellectually gifted and wanted her to raise women’s consciences and not their hem lines. Kate says the fashion industry is very cutthroat. Kris will figure that out and not resent Alexis interference. Alexis snaps at her, saying she isn’t Kris’ mother and doesn’t even have children, so she wouldn’t understand. Kate runs off into the bathroom, upset. Maxie tries to talk to her there, but Kate shuts her down.

Alexis complains about the heat and tells Sonny she doesn’t want Kate to encourage Kristina. Sonny points out that it was positive reinforcement, but Alexis isn’t interested. Alexis has a proposition for Sonny and tells him what that is. He doesn’t agree right away to whatever it is, but says he doesn’t want Kris to know. Alexis swears she won’t say anything. Sonny says if he’ll do this, Alexis will owe him. Alexis agrees to those terms and asks him to apologize to Kate for snapping at her.

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Maxie feels that Kate thinks she’s so incompetent she can’t put a wedding together. She wants the list of people that need to be held accountable. Spinelli admits that it’s his fault, his cyber skills are gone.

Ethan finds Lucky, lying on the ground, looking at the two pills. Ethan wants to get rid of them, but Lucky feels he needs to face his demons. Talk turns to Lulu. Ethan mentions the proposal and how he helped Lulu set things up. Talk turns to Laura. Lucky says he told his mother about Jake’s death, but not Luke’s involvement, the intervention or house fire. Lucky was worried about a setback. He never wants to see his mother catatonic again. Lucky feels Lulu is like their mother and is afraid she’ll end up like Laura. Ethan wonders if they’re really that similar. Lucky mentions a painting of Laura at Lulu’s age, it is the spitting image.

Lucky says he needs to fight this battle on his own. Ethan wonders if he’s strong enough. After Ethan leaves, Lucky gives up looking at the pills, leaves a message for Dante, then gets a call and heads out. Someone’s at Windermere, getting upset over Laura’s portrait.

Olivia tries to get Steven to talk about Memphis, but he changes the subject by kissing her. She tells him she doesn’t like game playing and wonders what happened in Memphis. He makes small talk about music and playing dives. Steve gets paged and leaves.

Johnny’s tired of cleaning up his father’s messes, but Anthony claims no one will care if one of Sonny’s foot soldiers was hurt. Johnny says he was running things fine while his father was in prison, but now there’s chaos. Anthony reminds him again, that someone was going to kill him.  Johnny wonders why he cares. Anthony almost shot him as a child, killing his mother. Anthony tells him to leave the past. Johnny gets a call and informs his father that he shot Dante.

Michael’s surprised when Shawn shows up at the warehouse. Shawn explains that Jason hired him. Michael explains about finding Dante and wonders why there was no security detail at the warehouse. Shawn says they were pulled off since there was no reason to anticipate a problem. Michael points out that Dante clearly thought something was off. Michael says he feels like something is off in the warehouse, but doesn’t trust Shawn. Shawn reminds him that Jason does and that’s all that matters.

Ronnie’s getting information from Carly and Abby, who both insist that Michael wasn’t there, until Michael shows up, bloody shirt and all. Ronnie asks them to rethink their statements.

Olivia’s saying goodbye to Steven when Dante gets brought in and she shrieks at him to fix her baby. Olivia calls Sonny to let him know. Sonny and Kate head over to the hospital. Sonny insists on seeing Dante. Olivia calls Lulu and tells her.