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Sarah Brown Teases Madison and Brady’s Attraction on DAYS

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Soap fan favorite Sarah Brown will soon make her highly-anticipated Days of Our Lives debut on October 4. In an interview with We Love Soaps she talks about her new character Madison, weighs in on the end of All My Children and previews Madison’s dynamic with Brady (Eric Martsolf).

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Is there anything you can preview for us about Madison's storyline? I hear there's a little work, and a little play?

Sarah Brown: There's a lot of play! [She laughs] A lot of work... and let's say, in the beginning, the work and play meld together really naturally and perfectly. As time goes on, things begin to get a little more complicated in the working environment because of the attraction between Madison and Brady. At first, it's just something nobody talks about. It then becomes a giant, pink elephant in the room that we have to talk about. And it causes some friction between them...and some good friction.

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