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Depraved, Diabolical, Disturbing, Delightful...DeVanity!

Okay soap fans, you've heard me rave about a LOTof webisoaps over the years, but I think I've finally found "The One" for fans of classic, campy, dishy melodramas like Dynasty, Melrose Place, The Bold and the Beautiful and One Life to Live. From the slightly warped-yet-wonderfully wicked mind of Michael Caruso comes DeVanity, a web sudser about a shockingly dysfunctional jewelry dynasty, comprised of an incestuous pack of adopted siblings, warring over control of the company their father left them.


DeVanity stars Caruso in the lead role of Jason DeVanity, a man trying desperately to keep his siblings in line and compay afloat, while enduring a marriage of inconvenience to bitch goddess Lara Müller DeVanity (Alexis Zibolis). Jason's brother Byron (Chris Parke) resents Jase being in control of the family's destiny, and will do anything to gain control of DeVanity for himself — even screw his own sister! Okay, so they're adopted. It's still wrong on so many levels!

Then there are the DeVanity sisters, Jackie (Erin Buckley) and Bianca DeVanity Roth (Katie Caprio), who share a lethal secret about what happened to Jason's true love—and the sister of Bianca's husband Alex Roth (Mike Dirksen).

With razor sharp, bitchtastic dialogue, intriguing, intricately woven, hilarious plots, focused on a small core group of characters, DeVanity could prove the webisoap to beat, or at the very least cause several others to step of their games something fierce!

Season 2 of DeVanity, featuring Special Guest Star Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady, Days of Our Lives; ex-Rick, The Bold and the Beautiful), premieres in January 2012. Until then, check out episodes from Season 1 after the jump!


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