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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Epiphany tries to stop Sonny from interfering, but he’s determined to find out from Steven if Dante will be alright.  Olivia tells Lulu Dante was shot, so Lulu heads down to the hospital.

Ronnie continues to question those at the warehouse. He wonders why Carly and Abby would return alone, at night.  He figures Michael found Dante and is covering for Sonny.  Carly questions why Ronnie is acting like they did something wrong. They were trying to help Dante.  Ronnie figures the blood on Michael’s shirt is Dante’s and he’d better have a good reason for leaving the scene of a crime.

Shawn shows up and explains that he’s working for Jason. Michael stepped away to call him.  Ronnie wonders about Shawn, but Michael says Shawn didn’t shoot Dante. Carly swears Michael isn’t involved in anything illegal.  Shawn accuses Ronnie of harassing the innocent. Carly, Abby and Michael are allowed to go.

Ronnie says he knows all about Shawn and his past with the military. He thinks maybe Dante surprised him and Shawn shot him before realizing who it was.  Shawn says he was at the wedding and has an alibi.  Ronnie talks to the female officer to continue to check out the place.  Shawn spots something on the ground and tests it.

Sonny questions Max, who doesn’t have very many details yet. He tells Sonny that Carly, Abby and Michael are still at the warehouse answering questions.  Sonny wants to head over there, but Max warns him to stay away. Shawn is handling things. However, Sonny doesn’t trust Shawn and wants to know why the warehouse was hit and why Dante would be there.

Kate seems in shock as Alexis walks up to talk to her.  Olivia offers to help Kate and explains to Alexis what happened.  Alexis talks to Sonny, who assures her that Dante will pull through. The doctors will help him, like they helped Kristina.

Johnny calls Ethan to see if he knows what information Anthony got from Skye.  Ethan says he doesn’t and has something else going on right now.  Ethan breaks into Windermere and finds the slashed portrait of Laura.  Later on, someone hits him over the head and knocks him out.

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Johnny’s not happy he now has to do damage control. Anthony tells him he just needs to adapt.  He blames Dante for showing up where he wasn’t supposed to.  Anthony says only the two of them know the truth and Johnny needs to be nice to him now.

Anthony figures the cops will think Sonny did it.  Johnny points out that Dante can tell them the truth when he wakes up. Anthony suggests he take care of that, but Johnny isn’t going to finish what his father started.  Johnny points out that Sonny has an alibi, being at the wedding. Anthony figures they just need to find someone who will break that alibi.  Johnny thinks something else should be done, and Anthony wonders if Johnny will turn him in.

Jason and Sam hang out, watching the stars in the sky and talking about going to Hawaii.  Jason wonders if there’s anything she doesn’t have that she wants, but she says she has him, tonight and whatever is next to come.  Talk turns to Danny and how his life was.  The two finally head off on the motorcycle.

Carly, Abby and Michael show up at the hospital.  Sonny thanks Carly for calling 911.  Michael wonders if Dante will pull through. Sonny drags him away for a talk.  Kate decides to start screaming at Carly. She turned against Sonny, but might still need him, so shows up at the hospital to play nice.  She says Carly is taking advantage of someone else’s suffering, to make herself look good.  Carly’s shocked at the attack and points out that she was holding Dante’s wound until the ambulance showed up.   Kate calls Carly transparent, but Carly says that all Sonny did was look at Kate once and she was all over him.  Kate feels someone needs to protect Sonny.  Carly tells her to go home.  Kate yells that Carly took his son to punish him.  Alexis reminds them this isn’t the time or place.  Lulu shows up and Kate storms off.

Olivia explains to Lulu that Dante was shot at the warehouse.  Lulu wonders if there was anyone with him.  Carly says she and Abby found him.  Lulu asks why he was at the warehouse, when he was supposed to meet her.

Michael gives Sonny the details, but admits that something seemed off at the warehouse. Things had been moved.  Sonny tells him not to worry about it. He has Max checking it out.  Michael vouches for Shawn. 

Alexis finds Kate on the roof.  Kate berates herself for creating a scene, thinking it was easier to pick a fight than to worry about Dante dying.  Kate feels she doesn’t know what to say or react in this kind of situation.  She feels she shouldn’t have gone to the wedding. Alexis wonders why she did.  Kate thought Sonny needed her and that she could help.  Somehow this turns to a conversation about motherhood and how Kate feels she’s the least maternal woman on the planet, because she’s too ambitious and self centered.  Alexis assures her that she has good days and bad days as a mom, but wouldn’t change it.  Kate apologizes about the fashion stuff with Kristina, but Alexis assures her all will be fine there.

Maxie takes Spinelli back to the PI offices and tries to get him to work on his computer skills, but it’s not working. Spin decides to meditate.  Ronnie shows up, asking Spinelli to pull up all the surveillance around the warehouse.

Steve comes out to tell everyone that Dante needs to get into surgery.  Sonny offers to give blood.  Lulu asks to see him and is let in.  Lulu cries and tells Dante that he was supposed to come home.  Dante wakes up and tells her he’s here now.

Sonny returns and Olivia tells him Lulu is in with Dante.  Sonny promises to find out what happened and who’s responsible.  Johnny shows up.