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Regis and Kelly Publicist: "I'm Glad The Soaps Are Over"

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Talk about kicking soap fans when they're down.

Live With Regis and Kelly's

PR rep

Brittany Forgione 

rejoiced on


about how happy she is

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All My Children

was replaced by

The Chew

. The publicist tweeted:

Watching @TheChew right now on ABC. Looking good...and yummy. I'm glad the soaps are over.

While we have no issue with Forgione voicing her approval of The Chew, was it really necessary to slam soaps, considering they're the very entertainment medium daytime television was built upon? I don't remember reading any stories about all those talk shows and/or reality shows that made the jump from radio to TV, or that financed primetime television development for decades.


We're used to publicists associated with ABC Daytime not being the brightest bunch, but does Forgione realize there are still two soaps currently airing on the lineup where her Disney syndicated series airs, soaps that employ hundreds of people and entertain millions of viewers daily? Oh yeah, and saving the obvious for last, did this nitwit think at all about the fact that the "Kelly" in Live With Regis and Kelly is a beloved alum of the very soap Forgione is so glad is "over"? Talk about Dirty Soap...

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