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V.P. of Publicity For Live With Regis and Kelly Claims Publicist's Account Was "Hacked"

Boy oh boy, those ABC Daytimers really need to get better firewalls! Once again someone working for the lineup has allegedly been hacked on Twitter. Following our decision to post the tweet from Live With Regis and Kelly publicist/producer Brittany Forgione's personal account allegedly stating how happy she was that the soaps were over, Forgione's boss, Barbara Warren, vice-president of publicity for the talk show, contacted us saying Forgione had been hacked and demanded we remove the post. First off, no one can "demand" anything from us, because we don't work for Disney or ABC. Now that we've gotten that out of the way...


While we won't be removing the original post—it seems a bit odd Forgione didn't realize she'd been hacked until two days after the offensive post was published from her account, and continued to tweet on a regular basis, including a response asking soap fans to "calm down"—we agreed to create this post letting our readers know that—according to Warren—Forgione was hacked and that she didn't write either post herself. See both tweets below and judge for yourself:

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