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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny questions whether Johnny had anything to do with Dante’s shooting, but Johnny swears he heard the news and came down.   Johnny swears he didn’t shoot or arrange to have Dante shot and that he wouldn’t shoot someone than show up to see the results.  Sonny figures Johnny’s getting a cover story ready and that he’ll find proof that Johnny was responsible.  Johnny asks if Sonny is planning on manufacturing evidence, but Sonny is sure he won’t have to.  Sonny swears that if there is any sign that Johnny was involved, there won’t be any pieces of Johnny left.

Dante questions the dress Lulu is wearing and she admits it’s from the opera.  He asks if she has an answer to his proposal but before she’s able to give it, he takes a turn for the worst and Steven whisks him off to surgery.

Sonny wonders if Dante said anything before he was taken, but Lulu wants to know why he was at the warehouse.  She accuses Sonny of being responsible, but he swears he had nothing to do with it, but that he’ll find out who did.  Lulu says that Sonny is a black hole that sucks in anyone who gets close and Sonny loves the chaos, and now his son has been shot again, because of him.  Sonny swears he loves his son, but Lulu screams at him that he loves Dante when it’s convenient for him.  That Sonny plays on Dante’s need to be close and wonders if Sonny is happy now.

Olivia tells Sonny to get some air and comforts Lulu, who wants to know why Dante was in the warehouse when he should have been off duty.  Olivia explains that Dante probably suspected something and took the initiative.  She assures Lulu that Dante will pull through.

Jason takes Sam to a cabin in the woods, that he’s built himself, on the grounds of what was once the boxcar, explaining how much that place meant to him when he felt trapped at the Quartermaines.  He wants it to be where they spend their wedding night.  The two make love. 

Lucky’s hanging out with Liz and Aiden.  He mentions how he’s been thinking of his mother a lot and that he would love for her to meet Aiden.  Lucky admits he hasn’t told Laura about Siobhan’s death, since he didn’t want it to mess with Laura’s recovery.  Liz wonders if Lucky told his mother about them, and he says that he did, but only that they grew apart and nothing about Nik’s involvement.  Liz offers to take Aiden to see Laura.  Lucky tells Liz that Dante proposed to Lulu.

Liz is happy to hear that, and hopes it works out for Lante.  She tells Lucky that she’s proud of him, but Lucky tells her not to and explained that he used, on his own and has been fighting it ever since.  Liz understands that it’s not his fault, that he only started craving because of the injection.  Lucky says he has no business carrying a gun and that he was a fool to go near a drug case.

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Ethan comes to, only to have Helena hold him at knifepoint.  Ethan manages to get himself out of her hold.  She wonders why he’s at Windermere, and Ethan says he got curious because of something Lucky told him.  Helena figures he’s reckless, like his sister.   She wants to know how far he’ll go to get out of her grasp, but Ethan’s not willing to do anything.  Ethan says he’s looking for answers and wonders about Luke.  Helena says the deal with the diamonds went south and she hasn’t seen Luke since.

Ethan points out Laura’s portrait; Helena accuses Laura of being self destructive, which Ethan doesn’t agree with. Helena points out Luke used Laura as a moral life raft and it drove Laura crazy.  Ethan questions Helena’s feelings about love, since she has children.  Helena feels love is a weakness and she only loved one, but now has neither.  Ethan points out she still has Nikolas, but Helena says Nik’s off on a quest to find himself.

Helena says Laura destroyed both her sons. Ethan wonders if she’s here to even the score, but Helena points out that the Spencers are imploding all on their own.  Talk turns to ghosts and how Windermere is a dark place and that Ethan should just leave.  Helena leaves, but Ethan stays to look at the portrait, until the door to the secret passageway opens.

Ronnie wants the surveillance footage, saying that Dante’s been shot.  Spin says he can’t. Maxie says Spin is more than just a hacker, but Ronnie feels it’s the only reason Jason keeps Spin around.  Spin gives Ronnie his laptop, but Maxie refuses to let Ronnie leave with it. She threatens him with the wrath of Mac and the lack of a search warrant. Ronnie takes off.  Maxie is surprised Spin would give away his laptop and realizes that he really can’t use it.   Max shows up and tells Spin to get all the video footage.

Shawn’s trying to get the officers not to notice the drugs on the floor and tells them they should check the perimeter of the building, to look for tire tracks and footprints.   Shawn makes small talk about the war and then asks to use the bathroom.  He grabs some cleaning supplies and fashions up a bomb.  He comes out and shows it to the officers, as something he found.

Mac tracks Lucky down at Liz’ and lets them know that Dante’s been shot and questions why Dante was in the warehouse on his night off.  Lucky admits it was supposed to be him, that they had decided to check out Sonny’s properties because of the wedding and that he cancelled on Dante.

When Mac questions why he bailed, Liz claims a family matter, but Lucky explains what happened with the drug case.    Mac tells Lucky that he could have come to him, but Lucky didn’t want to be taken off the case, and thought he could handle it.  Mac asks if he’s trying to stop, but Lucky can’t make that promise.  He’s tired of lying, especially since Dante’s been shot, and takes off his badge and gun and gives them to Mac.

Lucky gets to the hospital and Lulu asks him to find out who did this, but Lucky tells her he can’t.

Sonny eavesdrops as Olivia orders Johnny to look her in the eye and tell her the truth.