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Debbi Morgan Dishes What to Expect on The Young and The Restless


All My Children


Debbi Morgan

is free at last— to talk about her role on

The Young and the Restless

that is! Morgan gives the skinny to

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TV Guide Magazine's

Michael Logan

on what Harmony aka Yolanda will be up to in Genoa City.

TV Guide Magazine: What brings her back to Genoa City?

Morgan: She has no idea what's been happening with Devon — that his father, Tucker [Stephen Nichols], is the son of Katherine Chancellor [Jeanne Cooper]. In fact, that's still a big secret in Genoa City until Phyllis [Michelle Stafford] puts the story on the Internet. Harmony sees the news on a customer's laptop while working at the diner and makes a beeline to Genoa City to reconnect with Devon. Needless to say, she doesn't get a warm reception. Devon's furious that she abandoned him and doesn't want anything to do with her.

Morgan also answers the burning question,  will she and former AMC love interest Peter Bergman rekindle their Pine Valley passion in Genoa City ?

TV Guide Magazine: What about Harmony and Jack Abbott? When you and Peter Bergman tried a romance back on AMC there were so many complaints from the audience that Bergman wound up getting fired. 

Morgan: Who knows? [Laughs] Maybe Harmony will turn out to be the black Erica Kane! People have already been connecting the dots and are assuming that Harmony will wind up with Neil [Kristoff St. John]. It'd be really great if we went somewhere unexpected. That was such a thing with Peter back in the day! AMC was getting all that hate mail and we knew they'd have to break up Cliff and Angie and that one of us would be out of a job. I just assumed it would be me, but it was Peter! He had just bought an apartment in New York. His wife was pregnant. I was so shocked they did that to him. But then one day Peter calls me from Los Angeles and says he's going to an audition to be Terry Lester's replacement on Y&R and I said, "Peter, do not walk to that audition. F--king run! It will be the role of a lifetime!" [Laughs] He tells that story to this day!

To find out why Yolanda's name is now Harmony and what made Morgan turn down a role in a Denzel Washington movie (Hell no, Debbi!), click here!