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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Jason and Sam are enjoying themselves in Hawaii.  She’s concerned since he’s still recovering from surgery, but Jason assures her he’s fine. Sam wonders again if he would have loved her, had he woken up as Jason Quartermaine.  Jason wonders if she’d have preferred a doctor over a hired gunman, but she’s happy with him.  He asks her if there’s anything she wants and she mentions a lei that they didn’t get when they flew in so late.

Carly complains of being stuck in the panic room for three hours and wonders how Shawn can be so calm.  Shawn decides to hide the drug bags in the vent.  Carly wonders who was trying to frame Sonny and worries that Michael would be blamed.  Shawn wants to know how to get out, but Carly assures him she has no idea.  She wants to get to know him better, but he’s still not opening up.

Kate finds Sonny on the hospital roof, waiting out Dante’s surgery.  The two make small talk about their childhood and how Kate stopped him from throwing away his life, when he wanted to kill Deke.  Sonny claims he never wanted his kids to pay for his life and was sorry to find out Dominic was an undercover cop.  He goes over what happened the night he shot Dante. He prayed his son wouldn’t die because of him.  He’s upset that Dante was shot in the same place that Michael was.

Kate says Dante knew the risks of being a cop.  Sonny’s upset that he’s dragging Michael down by depending on him, while Jason’s away.  Kate tells him to stop the revenge, but Sonny can’t, saying he feels the need to go after who did it.  Kate questions whether he wants more chaos and pain or absolution and to pull back.

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Steve finds Olivia and Lulu waiting and lets them know that he had to remove part of Dante’s left lung, but that he should recover.  Olivia thanks Steve, while Lulu heads in to see Dante.  Lulu tells an unconscious Dante that she’s sorry for pushing him away, but that she was going to surprise him with the proposal.  She’s grateful he never gave up on her.  Dante wakes up briefly, before falling back asleep.

Olivia and Steve come in to check and tells the ladies Dante will be in and out for the next twelve hours.  Olivia tells Lulu to go home, shower and rest and that she’ll stay. Lulu goes home, looks at the ring and pours herself a drink.   Olivia heads up to the roof to let Sonny know that Dante’s out of surgery.  He asks if she’ll allow him to see his son.

Michael lets Abby know Dante is out of surgery.  He says he doesn’t remember being shot, but Jason killed the man.  Abby points out that they have no proof that Johnny was responsible and admits she overheard him and Sonny discussing it.  He says someone needs to pay.

Carly starts feeling claustrophobic, so Shawn offers her five questions.  He tells her he’s from Detroit.  She asks about family and he says yes.  They argue about the questions she’s allowed to ask.  She calls him a cheater.  She asks if there’s anyone he misses and again he says yes.  Carly stands to ask another question and the door opens, and they run out.   

Ronnie finds them and wonders where they came from, since the building was searched three times.  He asks why Shawn left the scene of a crime and why he fabricated a bomb.  Shawn denies both.  Michael shows up and overhears Carly say she and Shawn were having personal and private time together.

Olivia and Sonny sit by Dante’s bedside.  She explains how Dante had asthma as a kid and looked just like this while she watched him breath.  Sonny tells her Dante is a good man, who’s brave and honorable.  Kate listens as Olivia says Dante also has a lot of his father in him.

Sam and Jason declare their love for each other than head out to watch the sunrise.  Franco’s arranging a lei for Sam.