The Chew's Mario Batali: "It’s As If I Had Chopped Off Erica Kane’s Head"


Gotta love that silver-tounged

Mario Batali


The Chew

co-host recently spoke with

New York Magazine

 about his new cooking show, which replaced

All My Children

on ABC, and discussed the wrath soap fans have been unleashing against him on Twitter:

Dude, they are so mad at me, says Batali. It’s as if I had chopped off Erica Kane’s head. They’re not happy, and they’re on the Twitter-sphere, and they’ve got beautiful vocabularies. They attack him in person, too, calling the show The Spew. He tries to placate them by promising to bring Susan Lucci on as a guest, and explaining that “it wasn’t a Mario Batali decision. It was an ABC-TV decision. I say, ‘I’m just a pawn in the game.’ 

Photo by PR Photos.