General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Finally, a new day dawns in Port Charles.

Liz finds Matt celebrating the fact that he’s being published, but he gets angry when she tells him a patient he wanted was given to Patrick. Liz figures Patrick might be okay to switch, but Matt complains nothing he does will be good enough for his brother or father.

Maxie interrupts Robin and Patrick’s small talk with plans, for a big party for Robin’s birthday, to somehow prove to Kate she’s better than what happened with JaSam’s wedding. Robin’s not interested in a big party, but Maxie begs and pleads. She’s worried she’s lost Matt and Spin’s not back to normal and this is all she has. Robin finally agrees to the party, but only if it’s small.

Patrick asks Matt to help plan something for Robin, but Matt’s angry about the patient he thinks Patrick poached from him. He says he doesn’t want Patrick’s sloppy seconds and snarks about Lisa. Patrick slams him against the elevators and the two go at it, until Robin stops it.

Robin wonders why this particular patient is such a big deal and Matt hands over the letter. Patrick is surprised that Matt’s being published and wonders why he kept it a secret. Matt says Patrick would have tried something bigger. Maxie shows up and mentions planning Robin’s party. She wonders if there’s another reason to celebrate, so Matt hands her the letter and walks off.

Maxie finds Matt and apologizes for her inattentiveness. He admits that it was actually what he needed to work on his article. Maxie realizes the picnic on the roof was supposed to be a celebration and says she’s proud of him. Maxie gets a call from Kate, so Matt heads out. Matt runs into Liz and explains the fight with Patrick. Liz tells him not to be so wrapped up in his brother and be proud of himself. Maxie sees Liz give Matt a congratulatory hug.

Sonny orders Max to get Spinelli, because he needs the video surveillance. Michael shows up asking his father about how he’s going to deal with Johnny. Sonny tells him he doesn’t want Michael involved. Michael wonders what he did to upset his father, but Sonny only wants him working at the warehouse. He plans to send Michael down to Argentina. Michael thinks his father is trying to get rid of him, but Sonny points out that he’s the boss and that means his employees do as he needs them to do.

Dante wakes up to find Officer Delores hanging out. She wants to know what he remembers. She asks if he saw the shooter and why he was there. Dante says he was working, but Delores points out that he was off duty. Dante admits getting shot in his mobster father’s warehouse makes it look like he’s protecting his father. Delores reminds him that he protected Sonny once before. Steve interrupts saying Dante isn’t strong enough for questions and sends Delores away.

Tracy shows up for her massage and finds her regular masseuse out. She is not happy with Alice as the replacement and refuses her treatment. Alice leaves and Anthony shows up. Tracy says she’ll scream for help, but Anthony lets her know that he’ll tell Edward about the dirty money put into ELQ, unless she sleeps with him once. After he’s gone, someone else comes in to give Tracy her massage. Turns out it’s Luke.

Olivia lets herself into Dante’s place and finds Lulu hanging out, depressed on the couch. She explains that one thing she wanted after the bus crash was a shower and tells Lulu that she’ll feel better if she takes one. Lulu heads to the bathroom. After she’s done, the two head out to the hospital. Olivia makes sure to bring the ring. Lulu looks unhappy.

Max brings Spinelli to Sonny, who orders him to sit and check the video footage, but Spinelli has not regained his cyber skills and forcefully tells Sonny that he can’t help and leaves.

Michael again pleads his case to Sonny saying he was there all night and he’s sure it was Johnny. Shawn shows up and explains about the seven bags of drugs that were likely left over from the bakery bust. Sonny is sure it was a Zachara. Sonny wonders about the cops, but Shawn explains about building the bomb. When Sonny asks how he got the drugs out, Shawn points out that Michael is still listening.

Michael’s angry that he helped them find the drugs and now they won’t let him discuss things. Sonny points out that Michael was willing to let his brother bleed to death, so that Sonny wouldn’t go to prison. Michael assures him that Dante is fine. However, Sonny wonders what if it had gone the other way, would Michael be able to live with himself if Dante had died.

Sonny says Michael needs to think before he acts, because something bad always happens when Sonny doesn’t. Michael feels he’s being kicked to the curb for Shawn. He points out no one knows anything about Shawn. He wonders what he and Carly were doing together in the panic room.

Lulu sits with Dante while Olivia and Steve discuss how upset she was when she heard Dante was going to be a cop. Steve points out that it’s better than Sonny’s profession. However, Olivia’s more concerned about the spouses who sign up to the hard life.

Dante wakes up, happy to see Lulu by his bedside. She asks how he’s feeling and he asks for an answer to his proposal.