The N-Word Once Again Makes For Uncomfortable Coffee Talk on The View

Leave it to the women of The View to make America squeamish over our collective cup of morning joe. Once again it was a racial slur that ramped up the tension around the table. While discussing Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry having allegedly frequented a hunting lease caled "N*****head and Perry's GOP rival Herman Cain's decision to say the word in its entirety while admonishing Perry, both Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters opted to say the word in full, only to have it bleeped out by ABC.


Co-host Sherri Shepherd readily admitted she only took offense to Walters using the word. Personally, I have no problem with Walters using the word in the context of a debate or discussion. It wasn't like she was using it as a racial slur at the time. That being said, I understand why Shepherd, as a black American, was unnerved. Dicey stuff, but hopefully something that could spark a dialogue that brings about lasting change. Watch the clips below and give us your opinions on the latest View scandal in the comments!