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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Luke’s unhappy with Tracy’s lack of a welcome home, but she just wants to know why he’s back.  He claims he’s back for good and has been sober for a month, despite the flask she finds on him. Tracy assures him there will be no parade in his honor.

She brings up that Lucky came to him and he turned him away. Luke admits he wanted Lucky to hate him, so he could set Lucky free. Luke is aware of the damage he’s caused, but has done some mental housekeeping and he’s ready to deal.  Tracy says it’s too little too late and that he no longer has her support, her money or her sympathy. 

Luke wonders if she’s found someone to replace him. Tracy tells Luke not to expect anyone to be happy that he’s back, that he’s destroyed every connection, including Lulu, who nearly messed up her relationship with Dante. She says he has no place in his kids’ lives anymore, or in hers. 

Johnny calls one of his minions for info on Skye. Anthony tells him not to worry about Skye. Johnny feels his father has made a mess that he needs to answer to. Anthony says he won’t apologize for saving Johnny’s life, even if it was Dante that he shot. Anthony tells Johnny he needs a good woman and heads out for his date with Tracy. 

Tracy tells Luke she won’t tell the kids he’s back, since he’ll likely be gone just as fast. Luke wonders why he hasn’t gotten divorce papers, but Tracy assures him their marriage is over. Luke leaves and Anthony shows up. Tracy says she’s not in the mood and that Luke is back and lies that they’re going to repair their marriage. Anthony doesn’t care, he still wants his night of passion for his silence. Luke smiles while listening at the door. 

Michael accuses Shawn of taking advantage of Carly, right where Dante was shot. Shawn tries to explain, but Carly arrives and claims to be able to clear things up. Sonny tells her to be more discreet and Carly claims it isn’t Sonny’s business who she has sex with. Sonny tells her she can’t mix his business with her pleasure. Shawn angrily tells them to stop it. 

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Shawn says there was no sex, but that it was a cover for the cops and Michael. Shawn tells Sonny they moved the drugs to the panic room just in time.  Sonny tells Shawn that he’s fired, but Shawn says Jason hired him. Sonny points out that he’s the boss and he doesn’t want Shawn working for him.  Shawn storms out and Carly says Shawn saved the organization and prevented Michael from going to prison again and that he stepped up to the plate. Sonny thinks Shawn could have planted the drugs, or could be working for the Zaccharas, and that he’s working Carly and she’s not thinking clearly.  Carly points out that Shawn has proven his worth and that Jason vouched for him.

Carly goes after Shawn and wonders why he denied the sex so strongly. Shawn wonders what she wants from him and she wants him to admit that she’s attractive and that he would sleep with her.  Shawn storms off and Carly smirks that she got to him.

Dante tries to propose to Lulu, but starts having difficulty breathing and Steve is called in to fix the problem. Olivia assures Lulu that Dante will be alright and to have faith. Lulu wonders whether Olivia regrets Dante becoming a cop. Olivia says she’s proud, but concerned about Dante going after Sonny and talks about Lieutenant Poletti. Steven comes out and assures them Dante’s problem is under control.

Lulu tells Dante that he scared her, and he admits he was scared too.  He proposes again, and she says yes, but with a condition. Lulu says she wants to keep it quiet, that she wants him dealing with his recovery, without everyone bothering him. Dante asks about his mother and Lulu accepts that.  

Ronnie finds Abby and tells her things aren’t adding up, but Abby swears she doesn’t know anything. Ronnie starts in on the stripping and tells her to appreciate her free ride while it lasts. Abby explains what happened, but changes the fact that Michael found Dante, claiming Carly did. She says she called 911, while Michael left to get help. Ronnie says she’s been trained well, but that she should hang onto her sugar baby.

After Ronnie leaves, Abby leaves a message for Michael, just as Johnny stops by to say hello. Johnny wonders if she thinks he’s behind the shooting. Abby warns him that he should be careful. People are upset and might react. Johnny figures that Sonny’s coming after him and that the truce is broken.  ohnny thanks her so that he can be prepared and protect her and Michael.   

Michael comes back to his father, asking him to give him credit for handling things. Sonny says he did good, but needs to take time off.  Sonny says he knows Johnny brought in the drugs, and while he may not have pulled the trigger, he needs to answer for it. 

Johnny meets with a minion and tells him the peace talks are over, but to keep Michael out of it. He’ll handle Sonny. 

Olivia is excited that Lante are engaged, until Dante tells her to keep it quiet. Lulu explains about Dante focusing on his recovery. Olivia says she’ll keep it quiet and sends Lulu out to eat something. Olivia tells Dante she’s happy for him and he tells her his love for Lulu is the real thing. 

Lulu goes home, starts drinking, finds her bloody dress, remembers sitting with Olivia in the waiting room, remembers Dante’s original proposal, looks at her ring and takes it off.