New York Times Profiles Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz

One of the men attempting to save the soap opera received quite the snazzy write up in the New York Times. The paper recently published an in depth feature on Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz, revealing  how PP's venture to continue soap operas One Life to Live and All My Children this January 2012 via The Online Network, is not only a rebirth for those cancelled sudsers, but for Kwatinetz himself.  


Mr. Kwatinetz, who publicly struggled with substance abuse a decade ago but has long been in recovery, does seem to have evolved. In a recent interview in his Century City office, there was no evidence of the nervous energy that seemed to drip from his fingertips in the old days. He spoke quietly about his new life, mentioning that he is often in bed by 11 p.m., watching that day’s installment of “One Life to Live.”

“It’s good to get knocked down once in a while,” he said. “It doesn’t feel very good. But it makes you grow.”

I'm glad to learn Kwatinetz is the kind of executive who isn't afraid to share both his tragedies and his triumphs — and that he has something to prove with this venture. Those are traits that certainly served the late Irna Phillips well.

As legend has it, the actress, who eventually became the Mother of Soaps, tapped into the pain she felt over losing the baby she was carrying as an unwed mother in the 1930's (No doubt much more scandalous than a long ago battle with substance abuse is today!), in creating The Guiding Light.  If Kwatinetz can use his personal and professional past as a platform to achieve tremendous new growth, and bring our soaps along for the ride, I'm all for it!

Perhaps the most interesting factoid from the article for soap fans is that Prospect Park plans to offer the soaps first on their website, then on demand and about two weeks later on a traditional cable network. The soaps, as well as other TOLN programs, could also be syndicated via Hulu and Google. Growing more excited by the blog post!