General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Maxie gets off the phone with Kate, looks at a picture of BJ and starts crying. Turns out, its BJ’s birthday.

Lulu’s woken up by pounding at the door and opens it find to Officer Delores. She has a few questions about the shooting; namely did anyone call or stop by to see Dante or was there any suspicious activity. Delores wonders if Dante walked in on something or if he was the intended target. Lulu says she doesn’t know anything. Delores offers to drive her to the hospital. Lulu leaves the ring behind.

Mac stops by to see Dante and lets him know that Lucky turned in his badge. Dante’s chomping to get out and help with the case, but Mac just wants him to take time healing. Dante wonders what was going on at the warehouse and Mac mentions the bomb. Dante feels that was a diversion. Mac tells him to leave it alone.

Ethan drops by Lucky’s with the painting of Laura. He tells Lucky about his visit to Windermere and Helena’s odd behavior. Lucky wonders if Helena knows where Luke is. Ethan is surprised he would care. Lucky explains what happened to Dante and what Lulu said to him. Ethan defends Lulu. He is sure she’ll regret what she said. Lucky says Lulu was right, he should have been with Dante and he let him down. Ethan says he’s going to get the painting repaired and check up on Lulu. After Ethan leaves, Lucky opens the envelope from Siobhan.

Liz wonders how Matt’s feeling about being published, but he’s disappointed because his mother isn’t around to share it with. He explains to Liz that his mother died from diluted doses of the wrong medication, which makes Liz understand why he was eager to help her and Lucky with the drug case. Matt admits that Patrick has never asked about his mother. In fact, Liz is the only one who has. Liz points out that people don’t want to talk about death and Matt realizes she’s understands, having lost Jake.

After Matt leaves, Maxie shows up looking for him, ready to celebrate with him. Liz wonders if it’s a celebration or conciliation. Maxie points out Matt appreciates the room she gives him and she’s the woman behind the man. Liz tells her that during the celebration, to make it about Matt for a change.

Mac finds Maxie at the hospital and tells her he knows what day it is. Maxie tells him she still misses BJ and remembers her clearly. She wonders what her purpose in life is. Mac tells her to simply remember.

Michael orders Spinelli to the warehouse and demands to see the video footage. Spin tries to point out again that he can’t work the computer, but Abby shows up and distracts Michael. Spin remembers something and heads out.

Abby wonders why Michael isn’t taking some time off but Michael still wants to help his father and realizes someone planted drugs to frame Sonny. Dante paid the price. Ronnie shows up looking for more answers. Michael accuses him of harassing Abby, but Ronnie says something isn’t adding up. They need to cooperate and the PCPD is not the enemy. Ronnie says Michael is not untouchable and does Michael want to take the fall for Sonny.

Spinelli finds Maxie on the roof and gives her a heart shaped balloon. She’s happy that he remembered BJ’s birthday. Maxie says BJ would have liked Spinelli and wishes he’d known her. Spin says he knows her through Maxie’s heart. Matt shows up with a commemorative brick in BJ’s name and Maxie’s happy that both men in her life remembered this day. After the boys leave, Maxie releases the balloon, cries over the brick and wishes BJ a happy birthday.

Liz finds Matt in a better mood and he says people who have passed are still with them, including his mom and Jake. Spin watches them.

Lulu finds Dante awake and ready to set a date, but she just wants him to focus on his recovery. Dante tells her about Lucky turning in his badge and she tells him what happened the night he was shot. Lulu feels Lucky should have gone with Dante and figures he wouldn’t have been shot. Dante defends Lucky, saying he was in a bad way and that it wasn’t his fault. Dante goes over what happened and Lulu asks is he knows who it was. Dante tells her to work things out with Lucky, but she says she hasn’t cooled off yet. Lulu says she’s just grateful Dante is alive. He takes her hand and notices she’s not wearing the ring.

Ethan shows up at the Star, to find Luke there. He wonders if his father is coming or going.