Ratings, Rants and Raves: GH and DAYS Saw Bumps and Why I'm LOVING DAYS 2.0


Wow, this is the first week of writing Ratings, Rants and Raves with only five soap operas still airing in daytime. Un-real. While we'll miss All My Children until it returns, hopefully this Jan. 2012, we plan to definitely keep its spirit alive and well here on Daytime Confidential via fun content pieces like this one.

Days of Our Lives saw a healthy boost the first week of the soap's much heralded reboot (Source: Soap Opera Network). The returns of Deidre Hall (Marlena), Drake Hogestyn (John), Christie Clark (Carrie)and Patrick Muldoon (Austin)(Matt Ashford, Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes returned the week prior as Jack, Doug and Julie respectively.) helped bring an additional 260,000 pairs of eyeballs to Salem. Unfortunately that wasn't quite enough to get DAYS out of the last place slot in total viewers, but it came close! DAYS was up year-to-date 163,000. The Corday/Sony sudser went up two tenths of a point in households, one-tenth of a point in women 18-49 and held steady among women 18-34. 

In story, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) hosted a gala in honor of Hope's late grandparents, Tom and Alice Horton (the late MacDonald Carey and Frances Reid),  the latter of which had secretly been stashing away the cash from her famous donut sales to renovate the town square for years. While the first few episodes of the week were more celebratory in nature, complete with squeals of glee over the returns of loved ones, by week's end DAYS new crop of storylines—Jack falling into a cake and back in Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Abby's (Kate Mansi) lives; Bo and Hope finding a mystery financial paper trail involving Gram; EJ (James Scott) announcing he was running for mayor against his brother-in-law Abe (James Reynolds); Sami's (Alison Sweeney) upcoming new gig and John being arrested for white collar crimes, were off and running! 

To borrow from Deep Soap's Sara Bibel, I haven't been this excited to watch DAYS since the Sami/Mia/Nicole baby switch saga of a few years back! It's a good sign for me as a viewer when I have absolutely no ideas for Wishful Casting or Wishful Storytelling for a sudser. That means I am thoroughly enjoying what I am seeing on my screen and don't feel the need to play Monday morning quarter blogger. Thank you DAYS for making it fun to simply be a soap fan again! 

I have tons of Wishful Casting and Storytelling ideas for CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless, so take that to mean what you will. Y&R dipped 84,000 total viewers for the week and was down year-to-date 671,000. The Bell/Sony sudser dropped one-tenth of a point in households, tying its record low in that demo. Among women 18-49 and women 18-34, Y&R held steady.

I know Maria Arena Bell loves her classic sitcoms, but did we really have to have Billy and Victoria Abbott (Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle) in a plot ripped from the script notes of Three's Company? For those of you who didn't watch, Billy, who was sneaking around the home he once shared with his wife, hid in the closet when she came home and surprised him. Later, when he heard Sam sharing his undying love for a stray dog, Billy was crushed, thinking the guy was talking about Victoria. Seriously? Seriously? We get that Y&R thinks its viewers are stupid, but now are we supposed to believe sexy bad boy Billy is as dumb as a box of rocks too? So much for that Walnut Grove Academy education.

Elswehere in Genoa City, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) was hacked off that her insta-sister had taken up Daisy's (Yvonne Zima) custody plight. I've resolved myself to the fact that no one is going to stop Mrs. Bell from tanking this show, so...yeah.

The Bold and the Beautiful lost 34,000 total viewers and was down year-to-date 348,000. B&B fell one-tenth of a ratings point in households, yet held steady (but in last place) among women 18-49 and women 18-34.

These numbers were a bit of shocker considering recent Pine Valley villain Jacob Young reprised the role of Rick Forrester on B&B the week in question. I guess not even Rick being home was enough to offset what has become a really crappy story. Yeah, Brad Bell, I'ma have to go there. It's not fair for me to keep calling Maria out for bad storytelling and not tell the other Bell how the cow at the ratings.

This Steffy/Liam/Hope stuff went from being a bit boring-yet-slightly promising to down right asinine when Liam (Scott Clifton) turned to Hope's (Kimberly Matula) stepsister Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) like five seconds after he and Hope were on the rocks!

I know this kind of stuff has always been accepted by fans of the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle, but that geometric figure didn't get this silly until years, even decades, in. We've grown used to Ridge (Ron Moss) going back and forth between Taylor's (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke's (Katherine Kelly Lang) fab mansion sets every year or so, however that ping-pong action is rooted in two decades of history. When Liam does it he just looks like a fickle tool, who both girls should tell to scram. Come to think of it, it looks like that when Ridge does it too, but I digress.

B&B has to be the most maddening soap on the air. When it's good (like when it's time to nab Daytime Emmy nods), it's stellar, when it's bad though — it's shiteous. We're heading back into shitty waters I'm afraid...

Over at ABC, General Hospital went up 55,000 viewers over the previous week and was up year-to-date by 151,000. GH held steady in households and among women 18-34, but went up two-tenths of a point among the coveted women 18-49 demo.

JaSam fans rejoiced the week in question as that couple got married in the same outfits Danny and Sandy wore at the end of Grease. The lovers were unaware Franco (James Franco) was planning to tag along on their honeymoon. See, I knew all this freak wanted was some three-way action.

There was some spooky shiz going on out on Spoon Island and NuKate and Carly (Laura Wright) kept snapping at one another like a pair of frosted blonde attack dogs. Since Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) crying all the time wasn't enough, the stripper had to find Michael (Chad Duell) boo hooing and carrying on. As Tom Hanks would say, there should be no crying in baseball or on General Hospital, at least not for a long, long time.

Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) had "computer amnesia," whatever in high hell that is. I'm prescribing a little of this from Maxie and I bet the Jackal (and both his brains) will rise to the occasion! 

One Life to Live fell 62,000 total viewers, but was up year-to-date 413,000. OLTL also dipped one-tenth of a point in households, but went up one-tenth of a point among women 18-49. Among women 18-34, the sudser stayed the same. I'd say both OLTL and GH's numbers are quite impressive, considering they lost their soap lineup lead in and are both currently getting zero promos from ABC Dick-time.

In story, Loud Tea (Florencia Lozano) agreed to represent Cray-Cray Todd (Roger Howarth). Country Blair (Kassie DePaiva) tried to get slow Jack (Andrew Trischetta) to admit he was lying about seeing Cray-Cray kill Much Missed Victor (Trevor St. John). Still-Waters John (Michael Easton) was about to tell Bar-Brawler Natalie (Melissa Archer) he still loved her, but he saw her engagement ring from Creepy Brody (Mark Lawson).

The high point of the week was the Camptastic Andrea Evans boop-boopy-dooing all over Llanview once again as Tacky Tina Lord. Tina and her dog David Vickers being back made even scenes with that too over-the-top-even-for-Llanview Irene Manning (Barbara Rhoades) planting bombs and carrying on, bearable.

OLTL was a bit scatterbrained for me the week in question, however this current week has once again restored my affection. Whew! I was about getting ready to have to take Frank and Ron out on the veranda again. Although I fear I better save that for when they explain how the hell Stacy Morasco is alive. Sigh. Why couldn't all the Morascos JUST STAY DEAD???!

I want this show to bottle the essence of the episode where the two Todds faced off at David Vicker's (the man, not the dog) movie, amid a crazed, gun-wielding Rex (JP Lavoisier) and coed gay porn. THAT's the One Life to Live that I want five-days-a-week and twice on Sunday. See you next Ratings!

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