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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Michael shows up at his mother’s house, yelling at Carly about her getting it on with Shawn in the warehouse.  Carly tells him not to speak to her like his father would. She deserves his respect.  Carly says nothing happened, so Michael asks what they were doing in the panic room.  Before she has a chance to answer, Shawn shows up and tells Michael he needs to stay away from the warehouse. 

Michael reminds Shawn Sonny fired him, but Shawn reminds Michael that Jason hired him, not Sonny.  Michael says staying away from work will make him look shady, but Carly only wants to protect him.  Michael wonders from what, then he realizes the drugs are still in the warehouse.  He talks about respect going both ways before storming out, but actually listens at the door. Shawn asks Carly if Michael knows how to get into the panic room. 

Michael continues to listen, as Carly says she doesn’t want him anywhere near the drugs. Sonny has to get rid of them.  Shawn feels it will be hard to do, with the cops watching.  Michael heads out and talk turns to Sonny.  Carly feels Shawn will eventually earn his respect, but Shawn figures he’ll leave when Jason gets back.  He says he doesn’t want to be stuck in Carly’s dysfunctional relationship. She asks where he calls home base and says he’s choosing to run. 

Dante wonders if Lulu’s not wearing the ring because she changed her mind, but Lulu just wants to keep things quiet for her own sanity. He almost died.  Dante still wants to figure out who did it, but Lulu wants him to let Mac handle it.  Dante says he deserves to know who did this and why. He swears he’s not trying to protect his father. 

Dante wonders if she still blames Lucky. Lulu thinks he wouldn’t have been shot if Lucky had been with him. They’re supposed to have each other’s backs.  Dante says he insisted that Lucky stay home. He is sorry they were robbed of their proposal moment.  Dante swears he’ll redo that moment for her.

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Ronnie stops by to see Dante, so Lulu leaves them to talk.  Ronnie says he’s found something at the warehouse. They will nail Sonny and anyone dumb enough to get in their way.  After he leaves, Dante tells Lulu that Ronnie feels she’ll make a good cop’s wife.  Lulu doesn’t look happy.

Ethan wonders why Luke’s back.  Luke says he lives here, as does his family.  Ethan asks where he’s been and if Luke’s been keeping an eye on them.  Luke swears he’s through with games and had lots of time for self reflection. He’s come back to fix things.  He shows Ethan some fake gems and asks him to run a con with him, but Ethan’s not interested.  Luke swears he stopped drinking. Ethan doesn’t believe his father at first, but Luke insists he did on his terms.  When Luke comments about Ethan being hurt during a con gone wrong, Ethan realizes that Luke has been keeping tabs, but not raising a finger to help his children. 

Luke’s surprised Ethan is playing it safe or then wonders if Ethan just doesn’t want to do it with him.  Luke wants things back the way they were. Ethan angrily tells him that time didn’t stand still while he was gone.   Ethan says his father has no consideration for anyone else. Luke isn’t happy with Ethan’s behavior towards him.  Ethan points out that this is the best he’s going to get. 

Luke admits he made bad choices, handled things badly and wonders what he can do. However, Ethan doesn’t care, because this time was different and he doesn’t want to get sucked back in.  Luke says he’s sober today, but Ethan says they need more than today. He says Luke is wrong if he thinks he can’t do more damage than he’s done to Ethan, Lucky and Lulu.  Ethan feels none of them can take another disappointment.  Luke’s happy Ethan is so protective of his siblings. 

Jason and Sam are having fun in Hawaii.  When they head out to the beach, Franco goes in and plants a camera in the room.  Later, he watches as they play Dominos and have fun. 

Carly gets a package in the mail for Josslyn, from Jason. She opens it to find Hawaiian lei.  She’s happy until she sees the note signed by Franco.

Lucky opens the letter from Siobhan and reads it.  It went on and on and on for several pages, so I tuned out a little.  From what I understood, she wants him to go somewhere in Ireland, dip a rosary in holy water. If he does a message from the one he loves will come.  The girl natters on in death as much as she did in life!  There’s a knock on the door, and Lucky opens it to find Luke.