One Life to Live Spoilers: Shane Holds A Gun to Jack's Head!


Blackmail, a plea bargain, and a mystery person revealed turn things upside down in Llanview. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of October 10.

Bo/Rex/Shane/Madame Delphina: Rex is going to visit Gigi's grave to have a few words with her about the note she left him. As Rex babbles on to Gigi, Madame Delphina will show up. Rex will petition Delphina to send him back in time again to stop Gigi's death from ever happening. (Side Note: If we never bring up the time travel thing again, I'll be a happy blogger). Soon after, Rex will receive a visit from Bo, who questions him about Victor's murder. As Bo digs deeper, Rex will begin to defend Shane. As the two chat, Shane is going to remember the events of the night Victor was murdered and confront Jack.

Bo and Rex will come upon Shane and Jack at the cemetery, and Shane tells them what he remembers about that faithful night. Following Shane's confession of sorts, Rex and Shane will admit they have been protecting each other. The father and son will promise to always be truthful with one another. Shane's recollection of what happened to Jack will cause Bo to contemplate pressing charges against Shane. Will Rex and Bo's father/son relationship be torn apart by the murder investigation?

Clint/Viki: Clint is going to inform Viki of his argument with Cord. However, Viki will only want to talk about Kim, and Clint’s possible lingering feelings for her. Clint will turn the tables on Viki and ask if she is ready to begin dating again. The former flames are going to end up talking about their respective futures in romance. Will Viki and Clint rekindle their flame before everything is said and done in Llanview?

Kim/Roxy/Echo: Roxy and Echo will continue to plan their next move in making Rex look innocent of Victor's murder. However, the two will be busted when Rex listens in on their plotting. Rex is going to force the women to confess their beliefs that Rex killed Victor. Rex will tell his two mothers otherwise, and the three of them will wonder about the identity of the real killer. When they uncover that Rex's gun is missing, the trio will immediately think that Shane could have killed Victor. Roxy and Echo will attempt to come up with another plan to help Shane, but Kim will interrupt them. Kim is going to inform the women that she is giving the police the gun, because they’re out of time. In the meantime, Kim's friend will finally come out of her coma. Who is Kim's mystery friend?

Dani/Nate: Dani will lie to her mother, and later, run into Nate. Nate is going to apologize to Dani for the millionth time for hurting her. Will Dani continue to soften to Nate's apologies?

Tea/Blair/Todd/Tomas: Todd and Blair will be engrossed in a special moment, when Tea will interrupt. Blair quickly leaves, and Todd will confess to Tea that he's been thinking about turning himself in. Tea will talk him out of it and they begin brainstorming about who really killed Victor. The duo will point the finger at Rex Balsom. Tea will meet up with Bo and press him about questioning Rex. She will also present Bo with a plea bargain for Todd. Tea informs Bo that Todd will confess to Victor's murder, but only for something very important in return. Meanwhile, Blair will be at the police station begging Tomas to change his guilty confession to a not guilty one. However, Tomas will not want any part of Blair's pleas. Blair will not be pleased and take off to visit Todd. Will Bo agree to Tea's deal?

Starr/Jack: Starr will do everything in her power to get Jack to confess that he lied to the police about Todd. Jack will to refuse to admit his lies, and goes to visit Victor's grave. Before Jack can leave, he will bump into Madame Delphina. Delphina is going to comment on Jack's guilty conscience before going about her business. After, Blair will show up at Victor's grave and have a talk with her son. She is going to tell Jack that she doesn't believe his story. Blair informs Jack that his lies will only come back to haunt him later in life. As Blair departs, Shane is going to pop up and speak with Jack. A gun wielding Shane will outright threaten to kill Jack if he doesn't confess his part in Gigi's death, and his false testimony about Victor's murder. Will Jack meet Shane's demands before it's too late?

Aubrey/Cutter/Rama: Aubrey will decide to continue her noble streak and tell Bo about the gun she and Cutter found inside Morris. However, in the process speaking with Bo, she will also learn that Cutter never turned in the gun. Aubrey is going to confront Cutter on his dishonesty and break things off with him for good. A devastated Cutter will concoct a plan to get all the Buchanan money back, which will involve blackmailing Rama. Rama isn’t going to want any part of Cutter's schemes, and will confront Aubrey about Cutter. Cutter will receive a lot of help in his plan to get the Buchanan money back, when Kim confesses everything to him and gives him Echo's forged papers concerning the Buchanan fortune. Cutter will think he's home free, until Rama interferes. She wants Cutter to meet her at The Spotted Pony, but will not inform him that she plans to have him arrested. When Kim shows up at work, Rama will lie in wait to get the money Kim stole from her. How will Kim get herself out of this latest pickle?

Jessica/Natalie/John: Jessica is going to accidentally bump in to John. They chat and Jessica wonders if she should tell John the truth about Liam. Will Jessica let the cat out of the bag about Liam?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (October 17):

  • Tina offers Natalie a truce.
  • Todd and Starr reunite.
  • Bo gets into a nasty argument with the mayor.
  • John orders tests on Brody's gun.
  • The identity of Victor's killer is revealed!