The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bridget's Back!


Bridget: The heiress arrives home from her vacation in Hawaii with little Logan and Owen. Bridget being back in town causes a little bit of drama at Jackie M. Meanwhile, she and Nick take a trip down memory lane on the good times they had together.

Owen/Jackie: Mrs. Knight welcomes her man with open arms and has some information regarding their marriage.

Stephanie: La Forrester watches her sister Pam and Stephen's relationship and is in awe of the romance they have. Stephanie is a bit jealous of their relationship since she and Eric have hit a dry spell..

Ridge: He makes a decision regarding Hope and Steffy going to war.

Ridge/Rick: The chiseled one forces his stepson/brother to say what exactly are his plans regarding Forrester Creations. Ridge is pissed when Rick reveals all and also makes a snarky dig.

Brooke: The vixen from the Valley has a hunch her brother-in-law Dollar Bill is knee deep in the drama surrounding Hope/Liam/Steffy. Brooke has a showdown with Steffy regarding her trip to Aspen.