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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Yolanda Returns to Genoa City!

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Yolanda/Devon/Tucker: YoHarmony (dig the name?) heads to Genoa City to spend time with her son and confront the rebel billionaire. Devon is a bit hesitant on letting his mother in given the circumstances. Meanwhile, YoHarmony realizes Tucker doesn't remember her, and has a showdown with her baby daddy. Katherine offers YoHarmony a place to stay at the Chancellor mansion! Tucker pitches YoHarmony a deal.

Malcolm: He makes a tough choice that breaks many hearts.

Avery: The legal eagle uses little Faith as part of her plans for Sharon's trial.

Cane/Ronan: The two are close to putting the breaks on Colin's schemes.

Sofia: She delivers her baby and finds out who the father is.

Victoria: The heiress may not be able to get over what dear old dad has pulled this time around.

Victor: The Black Knight stomps all over Billy's optimism.

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Nikki: Expect fireworks when the socialite returns to town. Nikki will have lots of explaining to do regarding her disappearing act from rehab.

Deacon: He returns and is up to his old tricks.

Jack: Old Smilin' Jack is basking in the glow of being thisclose to owning Jabot. Tucker may put the kibosh on his quest to gain the family business.

Genevieve: Ms. Atkinson's well-being his threatened. Later she and Jill has a face off over Colin.

Cane: The Aussie con man keeps a few things from Lily. Lily starts to wonder what Cane is keeping from her. Cane's determination to nail Colin may derail any hopes he has of winning Lily back and may put his family in danger once again.

Sharon: She finally gets a clue regarding Adam's actions. Sharon figures out he's punishing her for what went down between her and Sam in New Mexico. Sharon and Sam make a decision about the status of their relationship.

Ronan: The real story behind his disappearing act from Genoa City comes out, rocking family and friends.

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