General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Carly goes to Shawn for help with the Franco issue.  She hasn’t been able to get rid of Jason or Sam. She worries Franco is there and has done something.  Shawn reminds her Franco likes to play with people’s heads and not to panic. 

Kate finds Sonny sleeping at Dante’s bedside and she startles him awake. He pulls his gun.  He tells her he was just watching Dante sleep and wishes things had been different. Kate points out things wouldn’t have been different for him, since he was determined to follow this path. However, Sonny feels a child changes everything.  They move into the hallway and Dante opens his eyes, clearly pretending to be sleeping. 

Sonny wonders what would have happened between him and Kate. Kate reminds him she’s not a part of his life anymore and doesn’t regret that.  Sonny thanks her for helping him with his kids, especially Kristina. Kate points out that Sonny can’t be alone, whereas she chooses to be. 

Lulu lets Olivia know that Sonny is sitting with Dante. Olivia asks if they picked a date and wonders if Lulu has changed her mind.  Lulu heads to Dante’s room, where Kate asks her to speak to Maxie and offers an open ended invitation to return to Crimson.  Sonny asks to talk to Lulu, who’s not really interested.  Lulu accuses him of knowing Dante wanted a father and playing on those emotions. She doesn’t believe he ever thought of how his son would suffer. 

Kate cuts in and points out that Dante was working. Lulu says he was off duty, trying to keep the peace and always trying to protect Sonny. Something Sonny exploits. Sonny asks if Lulu said yes to Dante’s proposal, but she ignores him and goes in to find Dante awake.  Dante asks her if she feels better getting that all off her chest. 

Sonny wants Kate to hang around, because she’s the only one who calls him on his stuff.  He asks her to go with him, to talk sense into Michael, because it would be important to him. 

Lucky’s surprised to see his father at his door.  Luke wants them to get past the ugliness, but Lucky says he’s done with the dance.  Luke feels they need to talk about things, but Lucky reminds his father that Luke told him he was retired from fatherhood. He accepted the resignation.  Luke brings up his father and Lucky says Luke doesn’t get a free pass because of his messed up childhood.

Luke says he thought he was doing his kids a favor, but that he made a mistake. He has done some soul searching and wants a chance to be heard, to make things better.  Luke shows Lucky an AA pamphlet, but Lucky doesn’t believe his father isn’t drinking.  Luke says he has regrets and wants a relationship with his kids. He mentions Jake.  Lucky feels regret that he wasn’t there to keep Jake safe and tells Luke to stay away from Lulu.  Lucky feels Lulu is like Laura.

Luke’s tired of the talk about Laura, saying they were happy for a long time, but they weren’t meant to be together. Their love didn’t last and it was time to move on.  He says he’ll always love Laura in his own way.  Lucky tells his father to go and not look back.

Steven’s on the phone, angrily asking someone to consider coming to work for GH.  Olivia tells him to meet her at the Metro Court.   When Steve gets there, Olivia has an entire seduction scene set up, complete with stripper pole, which she twirls herself on, until she hurts herself.  When Steven ices her sore back, she admits she wanted to thank him for saving Dante’s life. 

Lucky finds Luke still sitting in his living room, claiming to want to make things right.  Lucky reminds him that he went to Luke and asked for forgiveness and was told killing Jake was liberating and was Luke too wasted to remember.  Lucky says he’s trying to pick up the pieces and move on without his father or his son and it takes everything to get through the day without using.  Lucky says he has nothing to give his father, that he can’t help him.  Luke feels they can help each other and hands Lucky his AA schedule. 

Lulu tells Dante that she won’t let Sonny take advantage of him. He admits that Sonny still gets to him.  Lulu says he’s been supportive of her regarding Luke and now she needs to do the same for him.  Lulu asks Dante to let go, that dads always hurt them. Dante says he can’t. He doesn’t know how.  He says Lulu grew up with her father, but he spent his life wishing for one. Even though he hates what Sonny does, that need doesn’t go away.  Lulu admits she wished she had the same relationship with Luke that Lucky had and wonders what that says about her.  Dante says she loves her father.  They say I love you to one another, before Lulu heads home. 

Lucky spots Luke at an in hospital AA meeting, but ignores his father. 

Shawn tells Carly he’s going to Hawaii to get a hold of Jason.  Carly tells him he can’t go. 

Jason and Sam are being cute, trying on Hawaiian shirts, while Franco paints a strange portrait.