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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin and Patrick make small talk about Emma and their life. Robin enjoys the normalcy, but Patrick’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. When Robin walks away, Patrick mentions Lisa to Matt. Matt tells him not to worry about her and to live his life.  Patrick wants to check up on Lisa to be sure.

When Robin returns, she thinks the boys are discussing her birthday. Matt lets her think it.  Robin asks for his help in reigning in Maxie, but Matt points out that Maxie doesn’t listen to him.  Patrick thanks Matt for covering and offers to give Matt the patient for his trial, but doesn’t think the patient will survive. Matt accuses him of dumping the patient onto him to die on his watch.

Johnny catches Anthony on the phone talking about Lisa coming back to life and wonders what his father is up to. He’s still not happy with the mess Anthony has created, but Anthony points out he was trying to help Johnny and heads off.

Johnny calls the hospital for an update on Dante. Ronnie overhears and questions Johnny’s concern.  Johnny says Dante is Olivia’s son and he wanted a good prognosis.  Ronnie claims Dante will be up in no time and will want to square things with whoever shot him.

Carly backtracks on Shawn going to Hawaii, wondering if that’s what Franco wants to open her up.  Shawn tells her to go to Sonny for protection. Carly refuses, because Sonny is out of control.  She says she’s done being Sonny’s supporter and she wants to go with Shawn to Hawaii.  Shawn doesn’t want her barging in on JaSam’s honeymoon. He’s going on a reconnaissance to make sure they’re ok and wants no distractions.

Carly explains her relationship with Jason. He’s more than just a friend. While Shawn doesn’t understand her bond with Jason, he needs to respect it.  She’s worried about Franco’s fixation on Jason. If he kills Jason, she loses her support system. If he kills someone Jason loves, she loses Jason slowly.

While Shawn understands her feelings for Jason, he wants her to respect Jason’s time with his wife and tells her he’s going alone.  Carly agrees to let him go.

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Jason and Sam continue to lounge about, on their honeymoon.  Talk turns to babies, which surprises Sam. She felt she was pushing it on him right after Jake died and knows he’s still grieving his son’s death.  Sam admits the thought of having his child melts her heart, but she’s willing to wait and have fun practicing.

Sonny catches Michael trying to take the drugs out of the panic room. He reminds him Michael was supposed to stay away.  Sonny points out that the cops are watching the warehouse and Michael would have been in trouble if busted for transporting drugs and end up back in Pentonville, along with Sonny.   Kate walks in on them and realizes she shouldn’t be witnessing this.

Sonny swears the drugs aren’t his and that it’s a frame job that got Dante shot.  Kate believes him and leaves. Sonny and Michael start putting the drugs back in the vent, for the time being, but Kate quickly returns and lets them know that the police have arrived.  Drug powder spilled on Sonny’s pants, so he agrees to stay hidden, while Michael deals with the police.  Kate makes a call to her people.

Michael tells Ronnie he needs a search warrant, but Ronnie wants Michael’s cooperation if he has nothing to hide.  Ronnie mentions finding traces of Hydrocodone outside, which gives him probable cause.  Kate shows up asking for a warrant, saying Ronnie has no right snooping around.  Ronnie reminds her it’s not her property, but she says she rented it for the night for a photo shoot. Ronnie is shocked when her people show up for that.  Kate tells Ronnie to leave or she’s calling a lawyer.

After Ronnie leaves, Kate lets Sonny out of the panic room, where he was having memories of Deke.  He’s surprised to see the photo shoot, but Michael tells him he owes Kate for this one.

Robin congratulates Matt for getting published and says they’re all very proud of him.  Matt points out he’s the same doctor he was before and it’s upsetting that a stranger appreciates his work before the people closest to him.

Patrick stops by to see a comatose Lisa and is happy that she’s where she belongs.  Patrick is happy she’s floating in her own personal hell. He has no compassion for her and he feels relief  she’s not around to hurt Robin.  He wishes they had never met and regrets getting involved with Lisa and never wants to look at her face.  When he leaves, Lisa opens her eyes.

Anthony stops by to see Lisa, who isn’t that happy that he’s brought her back to life.  Anthony feels she just needs time to get used to the idea and that they’ve got people to put in their places.

Back at the hospital, Patrick asks Matt about Robin’s birthday. Matt comments on his good mood. Patrick says he saw Lisa and she’s where she should be.  Matt takes off and Robin tells Patrick she feels bad that they didn’t pay more attention to Matt. They should have a dinner for him.  Patrick just wants to concentrate on her birthday.

Shawn is shocked when Carly joins him at the airport.