General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Robin spots Liz looking at a pumpkin patch pamphlet and the two discuss Halloween and the kids. Patrick shows up and spirits Robin away for an hour to celebrate her birthday.  Out in the limo, he gives her first class tickets to Tokyo, Paris and Rio, telling her they just need to find the time to go.  The two make love in the limo.

Anthony’s preparing his room at the hotel, in anticipation of Tracy’s arrival, but when she shows up, she’s determined not to go through with anything.  Anthony reminds her he has information on her that he’ll spill to the SCC if she doesn’t give him one night of passion.  Tracy says she’s married and in love with her husband. She just can’t do it.

Luke shows up, looking for his wife. He says he understands why she would turn to Anthony in her time of need, despite Tracy’s assurances that there’s nothing going on between her and Anthony. She tells Luke she only came to tell Anthony in person that she wasn’t going to have sex with him. Anthony’s surprised at how good a sport Luke is being about this whole thing.  Tracy wonders why Luke is there and he hands her divorce papers.  Luke asks Anthony to leave them alone, so he does.  Luke says he wants no settlement from Tracy and that he’s setting her free.

So basically, Luke is still playing games. He wants to run a scam with Ethan.  He shows Lucky an AA pamphlet and makes sure he’s at the first meeting where Lucky will see him.  He tells Tracy he wants a divorce and is ready to hand her over to Anthony.  Is he going to tell Lulu that he wants to take her ice fishing and talk about her feelings?

Ethan stops by to take Lucky to a movie, but Lucky claims he has things to do. Ethan realizes Luke has been there already. Lucky claims Luke is only back because he ran out of places to go and likely ran out of money.  Ethan feels their father has regrets and seemed sincere, but Lucky points out that Ethan needs to learn from all of this.

Ethan feels people are ruled by their demons and Luke’s is alcohol. He asks Lucky about his two pills. Lucky hands the pills to Ethan and tells him to do whatever with them.  Lucky has decided he doesn’t want to end up like his father.  Lucky explains to Ethan about Siobhan’s letter.

Jason and Sam continue their honeymoon.  Today’s incredibly boring conversation consisted of who is the better surfer, Sam is planning on changing her last name to his and how she’s not sure she has a career to get back to. Thanks to Spinelli’s lack of attention and her dumping cases after Jason’s accident. Sam wants them to make the most of their time. Franco continues to create his masterpiece.

Maxie’s looking for Robin, but Epiphany tells her Patrick spirited Robin away for an hour.  Maxie claims Patrick is trying to sabotage her party making.  Maxie tries to salvage the party despite Epiphany’s lack of help. Maxie drops the cake and ruins it.  When Robin and Patrick return, Maxie lets them know that the whole party is ruined.  Pif lights a candle on the mangled cake and Robin blows them out. Patrick asks what she wished for and Robin says she wished for more birthdays like this one.  

Liz tells Cam they’re going to the pumpkin patch, but he feels it won’t be the same without Jake.  She tells him Jake would want them to be happy.   Cam calls Lucky to come to the pumpkin patch with them. 

When they return from the patch, Liz thanks him for coming with them. She likes having him there, because it makes the house less empty.  Lucky says he can’t stay. Liz asks if he wants to carve the pumpkins, but Lucky tells her he can’t do this anymore, he can’t play house with her.