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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anthony’s happy to see Lisa awake, but she’s less than thrilled.  He wants her to be grateful and think of all the fun they’ll have, getting back at people.  Anthony tells her she can get her revenge and live, but she wonders what then.  Lisa says she has no career, is facing criminal charges and that waking her up is only going to help him.

Lisa feels he woke her up to live a nightmare, in an institute or in jail.  Anthony assures her that he’ll take care of her and set her up with a new start. He reminds her he can put her back to sleep just as easily as he woke her up.

Patrick and Robin throw out the banged up cake.  Epiphany gives Robin a box of cupcakes from the staff, to thank her for her hard work.  Epiphany reminds them they need to do something to celebrate Matt. Patrick mentions having rented a boat for Robin, but since they didn’t have the time, he can use it to take Matt out.  He also gives Robin a computer program to design her dream home and Robin declares this her best birthday.

Liz doesn’t understand Lucky’s hostility. She feels like they had a nice time as a family but Lucky can no longer ignore all the damage they’ve done to each other and that they’ve become toxic.  Liz feels they’ll do better this time, since they love each other. She then wonders if he still loves her.  Lucky says they’re always part of a vicious cycle, they get destructive, dysfunctional and are each other’s addictions.

Liz swears they love each other and shows him their wedding picture and albums of him with Cam and Aiden. She claims the boys deserve the best childhood they can give.  Lucky feels they’re at the worst together and swears he’ll always be there for the boys.  Liz feels he just doesn’t want to be there for her.

Lucky says he’s not trying to hurt her, but he needs to let go.  Liz reminds him that when he needed someone when he was shot up, he went to their church and turned to her. They share a connection.  She tells him he’s letting his grief take over him, but that he’ll heal. She says he’s not betraying Siobhan’s memory by moving on with Liz.

Lucky says he’s leaving, he needs to go now. Liz asks when he’ll be back and that they’ll talk when he returns. Lucky says he won’t be with her, it’s not some fantasy. They hurt each other with Nikolas, Maxie and the drugs.  Lucky swears he’ll stay in touch.

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Kate’s yelling at someone on the phone to leave her alone.  She then complains to Maxie about things that went wrong on a photo shoot, until she notices flowers on Maxie’s desk.  Maxie says they’re for Kate, as Sonny arrives. He’s happy Kate got his flowers, as a thank you for last night.

When Skate go into her office, Maxie wonders what “last night” means. Spinelli wonders if Kate is melting a little, but also feels it’s too soon for Sonny, after Brenda.  Maxie doesn’t care, so long as Kate is happy and not yelling at her.  She asks about his cyber skills, but he doesn’t have them back yet. He feels if he focuses on something, it will help.    He tells her he’s focusing on her which she dismisses.

Kate says she was just improvising at the warehouse, because she didn’t want Michael to get in trouble. Sonny says he owes her and asks to go out for a drink, but Kate refuses. Sonny goes to leave and Kate offers a shot of Brandy that she has in the office.  They toast each other and Kate asks if she should ask him what he’s going to do with the drugs, but he says no. Sonny prepares to  leave, but not before reminding Spinelli he needs the surveillance tapes.  Kate compliments Maxie on a design choice and Maxie’s happy.

Sonny finds Alexis at the hospital with Kristina, who’s walking with a walker. He asks how Kris is feeling and admits he was worried about her, because she means a lot to him. Kate shows up at the hospital (was she following Sonny?) and eavesdrop, as Sonny tells Kris he loves her and doesn’t want to fight with her. He will do anything for his kids, since they’re the best things in his life.  When Alexis leaves to take a call, Sonny says he proud of Kristina and will always be connected to his kid’s mothers.

Sonny’s happy Kristina’s not mad at him anymore.  She figures it’s a waste of energy and wants his help talking to Alexis about going into fashion instead of law.  She also says she’ll want Alexis help in getting Sonny to let her spend time with Ethan.  Alexis returns, saying the call she got was that Kristina was accepted into Yale.

When the nurse comes in to give Lisa her lunch, Lisa knocks her out and switches places, leaving the room.   

Back at the office, Kate calls whoever she was talking to earlier, and tells them she’ll do whatever they want.  Why do I feel like there’s another Corinthos child out there in the world?

Lucky rereads Siobhan’s letter and packs it into his suitcase.

Liz looks at her wedding photo, saying that Lucky has her heart. She then angrily throws the picture across the room and declares to hell with Lucky, she’s done.

Let me guess, Siobhan’s St Whatever, will declare to Lucky that Liz is his one true love. He’ll rush back to declare it to her and discover she’s moved on with Matt.