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Michael Muhney on Young and Restless Viewer Erosion "How Do You Plug That Leak?"

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The Young and the Restless'Michael Muhney is one who never pulls any punches. Muhney spoke with TV Watercooler regarding his thoughts on what can make the #1 show in daytime live up to the title.

Days of our Lives is going through a reboot to bring back the viewers they lost, what about The Young and the Restless? It's been the number one rated soap opera in the United States and Canada, however the ratings are falling. Fans aren't too happy with the current storylines. They want to see Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) back for instance, rather than new characters that aren't working out. What's being done to make fans happy?

I have just heard some good news. There's optimism that can be had on the horizon, in terms of steering the ship in more finer, maybe acute direction. Just a couple of weeks ago, there were folks that were let go from the show [Tristian Rogers (Colin), Darius McCrary (Malcolm), Sean Patrick Flanery (Sam) along with Eden Riegel (Heather)]. I sniff on the horizon that perhaps another three or four in another six months ago. There's been talk by journalists, my fellow actors, by fans and by the network that we have a rather large cast. What if we streamline the cast and knock off, and this is just an arbitrary number, 10 folks and we really cut the fat off? I think that's happening.

I want to tell people that I think there's going to be a stronger focus on core characters. I think it's going to take some time, after Thanksgiving, but before Christmas. It's already happening. I can sense that the show is telling stories about more core folks and getting rid of other characters.Yeah, it's losing viewers. It's hemorrhaging viewers at times, and you have to wonder, how do you plug that leak?

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