MORE AWESOMENESS: to STREAM Eppys of As The World Turns and Possibly Guiding Light!


The news surrounding (site still under development) plans for the Procter and Gamble soaps just keeps getting better and better! We Love Soaps' publisher Roger Newcomb, who is serving as a consultant on the venture, just posted an exclusive interview with Mark Yates, president of Soap Classics, who revealed plans to offer As The World Turns streaming online in early 2012, with Guiding Light likely to follow!


"In the first quarter of 2012 we will launch online streaming," Yates announced.  "I would say AS THE WORLD TURNS first, then looking at GUIDING LIGHT later in the year."

Okay, now that we have soaps going to the web, coming out on DVD and soon-to-be streaming online, whatever are we going to rant about on our podcasts?! For more deets on this awesome-tasic turn of events click here.