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Walt Willey Filming Comedy DVD

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Walt Willey has found something to do to fill his time while waiting for a deal to continue with All My Children. The funnyman is performing at Harvey’s South Street Comedy Club in Jackson,Tennessee October 14-16. There he will be filming a new comedy DVD for national release, reports the Jackson Sun

Q: Why the "R" and "PG" rated shows?

A:The "PG" show is on Sunday afternoon. I'm respectful of where I am. Doing a show in the afternoon is a little odd, anyway. Normally, I do a meet and greet with each show. But with this set-up, that will be impractical. I'm not Redd Fox or anything like that. It was my idea to say "R" to be aware to local sensibilities. I also think that is something bookers should do. I've been here before. I haven't gotten any worse since then. I thought it would be a good idea. On the DVD, there's a parental advisory. I do not want a little girl to recognize the guy on the DVD cover as that guy on Mommy's show, putting in the DVD and hearing me talk about parrots making sex noises. I'm pretty clear that "All My Children" paid me lots of money for many years to not be myself. I'm going to be me now, and I've not had one complaint. I've been in the buckle of the Bible Belt and not had one complaint. It's a sophisticated place but conservative.

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Visit Harvey’s South Street Comedy Club for ticket information.