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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly, Josslyn and Shawn are together, on a flight to Hawaii. Shawn’s not happy with Carly, but she scared for Jason. She swears she’s not trying to ruin the honeymoon, but always shows up when Jason’s in trouble. Shawn warns her to stay in the hotel once they get there, since it’s his job to protect her and Josslyn. Why he would think she’d stay in the hotel, when she didn’t stay in PC, is beyond me.

Jason decides to call Sonny and check in, while Sam thinks it’s time to call the women in her life. When they discover their cell phone batteries are dead, they head back out to the beach for more fun.  They return to the room and Jason’s notices one of the cameras, but Sam figures it’s just a knick knack from the owners or previous guests.

Liz tells Robin about her fight with Lucky, saying he’s leaving town and her.  She complains about Siobhan winning and becoming a martyr in death.  Robin wonders if Liz wants to get back together with Lucky. Liz says maybe she won’t be there when he comes back looking for her.

Ethan shows up at Lucky’s with Laura’s repaired portrait and sees Lucky’s bags packed. He wonders if Lucky is running from or to.  Lucky stays he has to go for awhile, because he stirred things up with Liz and it’s easy to fall back into that pattern.  Lucky says reconciling scares him, but his heart tells him there’s still something there.  

Lucky compares Liz to the two pills under his couch. Ethan asks where he’s going. Lucky reminds him of Siobhan’s letter and he’ll be gone as long as it takes.  Lucky admits the portrait of Laura always creeped him out. Ethan says he’s returning it to Windermere because he likes it there.  Lucky warns him to be careful of Helena. Ethan wishes Lucky good luck, as he leaves.

Lisa’s at the hospital, eavesdropping. She hears Patrick ask Matt to join him on the boat for a party to celebrate being published.  Matt gets his panties in a bunch when he thinks Patrick’s only doing it because his plans with Robin fell through. Patrick points out that Robin worked the schedule so all of them could enjoy themselves.  Matt apologizes and thanks his brother for putting it all together.

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Lulu stops by Crimson to talk to Maxie. She tells Maxie she has doubts about Dante because of his job and the danger involved. Maxie tells her she believes in Lante, but Lulu can’t’ get over Dante getting shot again. She wonders about the next time. Maxie points out that a cop’s wife needs to make the adjustment. Limited time together is better than nothing at all.

Matt calls Maxie to ask her to join him on the boat for the party, saying it’s important to him for her to be there with him. She blows him off, saying she needs to finish organizing the photo shoot.

Lulu says Dante puts his life on the line every day, but Maxie counters they should make every moment count. She mentions to Lulu about Matt getting published, but not understanding any of it.  Maxie suddenly gets the idea to use Matt for her photo shoot. She heads out to intercept him, asking Lulu to stay and cover for her.

Olivia finds Dante wandering the halls in his wheelchair.  The two talk about Steven, whom Dante approves of, but je wants to respect her wishes to keep things quiet.  Steven tells him he’s recovering, but not to overdue it. Olivia mentions to Dante about going on the boat for Matt’s party.  Dante calls Lulu, but leaves a message when she doesn’t answer.  She sees it’s him, ignores the call and pouring herself a drink.

Matt asks Liz to go to the boat party with him.  She asks about Maxie, but he says Maxie’s too busy. He wants to take someone who will understand what getting published means.  Liz accepts and thanks him for asking. Robin tells Patrick that Matt invited Liz.

Anthony catches Lisa roaming the halls of the hospital and isn’t happy with what she pulled or she isn’t being honest with him. He says he covered for her, not letting anyone find out she’d recovered and escaped. Lisa says she isn’t going back there and that she has the instinct to strike and doesn’t need his help.

Anthony follows Lisa to the pier and asks what her plan is.  Lisa tells him not to concern himself, but then questions whether he kills for fun and whether he enjoys it.  Anthony says he never kills without a purpose, be it for business or otherwise.  Anthony asks if she’s planning on killing anyone on the boat. She refuses to tell him anything.  She tells him he might need her, but she has no use for him.  Anthony talks about her being ungrateful, but she pulls a plank out of the pier and hits him with the rusty nail.

Jason and Sam are shocked to find Carly, Josslyn and Shawn on their doorstep.  Franco sets his timer and wants the games to begin.