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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Lily be Caught in Colin's Crossfire?

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Ronan/Colin/Lily/Cane: Mob boss Atkinson puts a hit out on Genaura and Gloria at his ex-wife’s house. Ronan fills Cane in on what his dear ole' dad has planned. Colin has his henchman go to Gen's house to have her and Gloria rubbed out. What Colin doesn't know, is undercover police officers are staking out the crib. Cane tells Jill to stay clear of Colin. Jill runs into Lily and her faux daughter-in-law tries to find out what exactly is going on with Cane.

Jill fills Lily in on what Cane told her. Lily gets pissed about Cane hiding things once again and heads off to her mother-in-law's, to do some digging herself. Jill bumps into Colin and tells him where Lily is heading and leaves. Colin gives one of his men a call and still proceeds with his plan to ice Gloria and Gen. Unfortunately for him; Jill listens in on the call and is stunned by what she hears. She realizes Cane was right about Colin all along.

Victor/Nick: Once again, The Black Knight gets all up in his eldest boy's biz. Nick isn't amused by his father's latest stunt.

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