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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam is less than thrilled with CarShawn’s interruption, but Carly explains the gift from Franco. They were worried since neither JaSam had answered their phones.  Sam feels they were risking Josslyn, by bringing her.

While Shawn and Jason check around outside, Sam wonders how Carly ended up in the middle of her honeymoon.  Sam also wonders why Carly had to physically come, rather than call. Carly says she tried calling and didn’t get an answer and got worried.  Carly wonders why Sam is being insecure and jealous.  Sam tells her to find her own man, pointing out the beefy bodyguard outside. 

After Carly puts Josslyn down for a nap, the two continue their argument.  Carly plays the widow card, but Sam’s not having it. She says they were almost divorced, but Carly refused to meet Jax halfway with the safety issue.  Sam mentions Carly’s obsession with both Jason and Sonny. Carly points out Sam has been with a man since she got to PC.  Sam accuses Carly of always barging in and wanting what she wants, when she wants it.  Carly feels that if Jason has a problem with it, he can talk to her.  Sam feels Carly is pathetic and desperate. 

Franco is not located on the grounds, so Shawn begins to wonder if Carly set this up. He natters on about Carly, her ways and how he’s not falling for it. Jason wonders about Jax, saying this isn’t usually how Carly grieves. Shawn brushes it off, saying Carly needs to focus on something.  

Shawn and Jason tell the women that there’s no sign of Franco.  Carly wants to leave, but Shawn decides their staying.  Since Josslyn’s napping anyway, Jason offers to let them stay and figure everything out in the morning.

Liz stops by Lucky’s, to drop off a picture of the boys in the pumpkin patch, only to find him gone and Ethan hanging out.  Ethan explains Lucky has already left and wonders if Liz thought she could get him to stay.  Ethan feels Lucky owed Siobhan and he wants to honor a woman he cared about. Liz feels Siobhan was a manipulator who wanted Lucky away from her.  Ethan says Lucky’s taking a breather from Liz. He doesn’t believe his brother trusts himself around her and needs to break their pattern

Liz points out Lucky turned to her while on drugs, but Ethan doesn’t give her points for that. He tells her it’s time to let go, for her and the kids.  Liz spots the painting of Laura and asks about it. Ethan says he’s the one who’s been carrying it around.   Liz calls him a hypocrite, telling him he wants to rile up Helena, just like his father and that he shouldn’t try to be Luke. 

Ethan turns it back on her, saying she wants to be Liz and Lucky to Luke and Laura. She denies it.  Ethan compares her to Lucky’s drug of choice, but Liz says she’s not a prison.  Ethan feels she is setting herself up for another fall, until her compulsive need to stray rears its head.  Liz points out that Lucky strayed first, with Maxie, but Ethan dismisses that as Lucky on drugs. He wonders what her excuse is. 

Ethan points out Liz has three children, with three different fathers. Liz asks if he’s calling her a whore, as well as a bitch.  Ethan tells her to let Lucky go and Liz says she needs to start living down to expectations. 

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Anthony’s impressed that Lisa stabbed him with the nail.  She says she needs to change clothes. He’s willing to help her out, but she has other plans, namely kicking him into the river.

Abby brings Michael dinner at the warehouse.  He says he proud of the way he handled the drug situation, but Abby doesn’t think it’s a good reason to go back to prison.  Michael swears he never saw the drug situation as a means to get into the business. He swears he likes the job he has, being in charge in a legit business.  Abby doesn’t want him hurt.

Maxie wants to go on the boat, but Matt feels it’s all about her and never about him.  Maxie tries to explain about the photo shoot and being the woman behind the man and they can celebrate on two levels. Matt refuses to let her benefit from his success and doesn’t want her to go with them.  Matt wants the night to be about him.  Liz asks him if they’re still on and he agrees. 

Olivia catches Spinelli watching Maxie. Spin points out Maxie is with someone else, but Olivia wonders what he’s going to do about it.  Spin says he’s lost his cyber powers, which is the only thing Maxie was interested in. Olivia points out how hard Maxie tried to help him when he was Jackal.  Spinelli wonders if it’s wrong to go after Maxie, now that she’s with Matt.  Olivia tells him to either bow out or go for it. Show Maxie what he’s got.  Spin thanks her for her insight. 

Maxie sees Liz and Matt leaving together and demands to know from Epiphany where the boat is.  Spinelli overhears and offers her the information, so she takes off. 

Robin mentions to Steven she has three candidates for the pediatric position, but Steve tells her he’s already filled it with someone he worked with in Memphis.  Robin’s angry he would undermine her, but Steve swears the doctor is good. Robin hopes she’s impressed.

Johnny comes home to find Lisa hanging out in her underwear.  She explains she was brought back to life, to be turned loose on unsuspecting people.  Johnny realizes his father is behind it and wonders what the plan is.  Johnny feels there’s something different about her now. He wonders why she would want to take orders from Anthony and asks what he’s holding over her head.  Lisa says Anthony threatened to take it all away again and wonders if Johnny wants to stop her or save her.  Johnny admits he wants to save her. 

Patrick and Robin are heading out to the party.  Patrick doesn’t want to be late and cause Matt to complain about something else.  He feels it will be a night to remember.

Maxie heads over to pier 52, but doesn’t see the boat.  Anthony grabs her from the water.  

Johnny tells Lisa he’ll send her to a safe place, where his father can’t find her.  She tells him she doesn’t want to be saved, as she injects him in the neck with something.