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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Looks like Shawn and Kate have been added to the opening credits.

Luke finds Ethan and portrait Laura hanging out at the Star.  Luke wonders what his son is doing with the portrait and Ethan explains that he was curious when Lucky mentioned the similarities to Lulu and paid Windermere a visit.  Luke starts talking about his drunken father and the first time he stole a drink.

Luke complains about Laura and how she intoxicated him and that they were good for a long time until it wasn’t.  Ethan brings up his mother. Luke points out that he created Ethan, the same as Laura created Nik. Both are kids made from need and not love.  Ethan’s not happy with that assessment.  Luke says he’s left Lulu alone and wonders if it’s better not to stay.  Ethan tells him he should stay; since Lulu shouldn’t lose two brothers and a father in the same year. He explains that Lucky is gone. 

Luke figures he’ll be blamed for Lucky leaving. Ethan explains that Liz didn’t take it well and got emotional.  Ethan thinks Liz doesn’t feel Lucky is good enough for her, but is still clinging on.  Luke complains Lucky keeps forgiving Liz and going back to her.  Luke wonders where Lucky went and Ethan explains about Siobhan’s letter.  Luke asks about the portrait and Ethan explains that he found it with the gash and had it repaired.  He wants to keep her close, but Luke says the painting was done when Laura was a prisoner. He tells Ethan to take it back and then stay away from Windermere, because it will suck the life out of him. 

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Johnny questions what Lisa has done to him, saying he’s lost feeling in his legs.  He said he was going to help her and wonders what she gave him.  She says she only gave herself time. Lisa explains that it’s true that coma patients hear what people around them are saying. She is upset that she heard nothing, since no one, including Johnny, came to see her.  Johnny tells her she’s throwing her life away, but she says his father only brought her back to create chaos and revenge.  Johnny tells her not to punish Patrick for loving someone else, but she feels Patrick changed. She’ll make sure Robin’s in his thoughts forever.  He asks about an antidote and again, she says it’s time, as she leaves.  Once she’s gone, Johnny goes for his phone, but isn’t able to get it. 

Maxie pulls the person from the water and is shocked to see it’s Anthony.  He jokes she’s thinking of throwing him back in.  She wants to help, but doesn’t want to be an accomplice and at the same time, needs to get to the boat.  Anthony asks what’s so important about the boat. She explains someone is poaching on her boyfriend.  She offers to call Johnny, who doesn’t answer.  Anthony thanks her for helping and urges her to get to the boat.  He tells her he owes her and he always returns the favors. 

Steve, Olivia, Matt, Liz, Robin and Patrick arrive on the boat and are welcomed by the captain and his crew.  Liz wonders if Matt is hoping Maxie will show up. She reminds him that tonight is all about him.  Patrick offers a toast to Matt, declaring that the face of cancer will be changed with Matt’s work.  He gives Matt a gift, which turns out to be Noah’s research on the subject.  Matt also gets a call from his father, congratulating him and telling Matt he’s proud of him. 

Lisa gets herself on board the boat before it leaves shore.  Steve and Olivia steal kisses, until Patrick interrupts them.  Steven asks Robin if she’s still angry at him for going behind her back and hiring someone.  She wishes he had come to her and wonders if he has a personal bias.  He swears he’s being objective.  Olivia brings Steve his guitar.  Liz shares a story from their youth and how obsessed Steve was with a Dolly Parton song.  Steven plays the guitar and sings while Lisa watches from the shadows. 

Lulu sits in Kate’s office, looking at the bottle of alcohol on the desk.  She grabs the phone to call Dante, but changes her mind and ultimately leaves.

Spinelli’s filling a picnic basket with goodies for Maxie.  Maxie gets to the right pier, but the boat has left.  Spinelli finds her and offers to take her on Jason’s speedboat out to the boat.  Maxie complains to him that he sent her to the wrong pier, but does thank him for helping her now. 

Robin and Patrick come out on deck, eat hors d'oeuvres and talk about all the fun they should be having now.  Lisa watches while fingering syringes in her pocket.  Patrick leaves to get more food, leaving Robin alone while Lisa watches.