General Hospital Alum Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo Tweets Vera Wang Can Go....Ahem..."Pleasure" Herself!!

One of Nancy Lee Grahn's former costars is cosigning what the actress tweeted about Vera Wang allegedly refusing to let General Hospital use her clothing in storylines. Former GH superstar Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo tweeted that Wang's company refused to let her character Brenda Barrett get married in one of the designer's gowns, but said the actress could get married in real life (to CSI: NY hunk Carmine Giovinazzo) in VW couture! Gee thanks, Vera. Here's what Marcil Giovinazzo tweeted:


I wish Vera Wang's Co. would be honest. They said that they would do VANESSA'S personal WD but no dress for GH. ? Oscar De LA R said yes!

Vanessa doesn't believe in treating people differently because of some "who's cool and who's not game, so she canceled her personal.....

...Wedding dress at Vera Wang and 4 her brisemaids and went Oscar de la renta and Carolina Herrera!!!!!!!!!!! for her W dresses. VW can GFH

We then got our BrideM dresses and the guys suits from JCREW! Beautiful stuff. We made our own club where EVERYONE is welcome & cool enough

All these years I thought it was Sonny Corinthos who went hard on the boulevard in Port Charles. The GH women said they ain't tryin' to PLAY with Vera!

Photos by PR Photos