General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Maxie’s concerned that they appear to be the only ones out on the water. Spinelli admits he lied about which pier the yacht was leaving from, so they could spend the evening together.  He points out that he has all of her favorite foods. However, Maxie’s angry that she’s not on the boat where Liz is likely turning Matt’s head.  Spin reminds her that Matt dropped her, but Maxie continues to put the blame on Liz’ shoulders.

Maxie natters on and on and on about how evil Liz is and all the evil deeds that she’s done. She thinks Liz is paying her back by taking her man.  Maxie questions why their boat isn’t moving. Spin admits that they seem to be stranded on the sand bar of Spoon Island.  Maxie continues to freak, saying she’ll lose her job for real if she doesn’t get this photo shoot with Matt.  She then claims that Liz put Spinelli up to this and tells him it will his fault if Matt succumbs to Liz’s charms.

Matt tells Patrick he appreciates the party and is happy he has his brother’s support.  Patrick says it’s a great thing to be published, but not to let it go to his head.  Matt snarks that Patrick is always reminding him that he’s second best, as a surgeon and a son.  Patrick’s annoyed that Matt resents him, pointing out that being Noah Drake’s son is not all that.  Patrick says his father put his career first and then after his mother died, Noah dived into the bottle.  Patrick wasn’t happy being compared to his father during med school and swore he’d never end up like him.  Patrick tells Matt to stop feeling sorry for himself and to enjoy the journey. 

Lisa is ready to approach Robin with her syringe, but Liz comes out, forcing Lisa to return to her hiding spot to continue watching and listening.  Liz and Robin talk about Steve. Liz admits she likes Olivia and hopes Steve has gotten over whatever happened in Memphis.  She was worried about him, but he seems to have gotten his life back. She warns Robin not to let the chief of staff position overtake her. 

Liz goes back in, as Patrick comes out. Robin tells him she can’t live without him and wonders if he wants the COS position.  Robin feels running the hospital is different then what she was doing and she wants to go back to research and finding a cure for HIV and Aids. She wants someone that the board will trust with the COS position.  Patrick tells her he doesn’t want the position, because he’d never see the inside of an OR again. That’s where he likes to be. 

Robin wants to make more time for the things that make them happy.  She remembers Anna stretching herself thin and doesn’t want Emma to think of her as a quitter.  Patrick assures her they’ll make the best of everything.  The two decide to make use of the stateroom. Robin heads off to find the steward to ask permission.

Lisa’s standing over the body of the steward, removing her clothes, when Anthony catches her.  No really. Anthony.  Who we last saw bleeding on the docks, after the boat left, somehow rowed, or swam, or flew, or walked across the water, and let himself onto the boat.  I mean, seriously show.

Liz tells Matt that everyone is proud and happy for him, including Patrick. Talk turns to sibling superiority. Liz talks about Sarah and how she resented her, but realized it robbed her of a relationship with her sister.  Matt discusses the research with her and realizes he can talk to her about if for hours, unlike with Maxie.  Matt understands that Maxie doesn’t make their relationship a priority, but that Maxie gets hurt by all the lost she’s suffered.

Liz points out Maxie’s friendship with Spinelli. She then natters on about commitment and people who are afraid of it.  When Matt questions this, she admits Lucky is gone and trying to get away from her.  She tells him about her art dreams, but she now has kids and bills.  Matt tells her to create space for that passion and not be worried about failing.  Matt talks of feeling empty, something Liz can empathize with.  She tells him he’s deserving of happiness.  The two lean in for a kiss.

Maxie’s worried about being fired and having Kate black ball her in the industry, but Spinelli has noticed a light on at Windermere. 

Shawn offers to keep watch outside. Jason decides they’ll take shifts and they head out again to look for signs of Franco.  Carly swears she didn’t come to ruin the honeymoon.  Sam offers Carly and Josslyn the bedroom.

When Jason returns, he explains to Sam that he thought Franco would show up at the wedding and it’s a good thing they eloped. However, he’s thinking something is different this time. Franco likes to play games and they are no games being played.  Jason calls Bernie to ask for help in locating Franco and his most recent catalogue of work.  Sam points out that Franco has ruined their honeymoon without actually being there. 

Franco wraps up a baby shaped doll.

Shawn comes in and tells them he saw fresh footprints. Jason goes out to check them out.  Carly comes out of the bedroom. She tells Sam that Josslyn can’t sleep without her blanket, which she dropped outside.  Carly leaves Joss with Sam while she goes out to look for it.  Jason catches Carly outside and she explains why she was there and that she’s trying to keep Josslyn quiet.  Jason points out that Joss isn’t crying now and the two hurry into the cabin, to find Sam and Josslyn asleep on the couch.   Although young Josslyn totally looked like she was faking it!