General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Dante calls Lulu, who hasn’t left Crimson yet, wondering if she’s coming back to the hospital. He’s bored, but she tells him she’s not sure when she’ll be done. He needs to focus on getting better. 

Sonny stops by, looking for Kate. However, Lulu doesn’t know where she is and wouldn’t tell if she did.  Sonny wonders why Lulu’s so mad at him. She says he’s not good for Dante.  Sonny tells her not to blame him for Dante’s shooting.  He tells Lulu that he’s happy for her and Dante. He hopes they have a good life together.  Lulu wonders if he thinks once she’s Dante’s wife, she’ll make sure that Dante doesn’t get in Sonny’s way. 

Sonny tells Lulu that if she’s worried about being a cop’s wife, she should ask Dante to take a desk job. Lulu doesn’t feel she can ask Dante to be less than who he is.  Sonny feels it would keep Dante out of his crosshairs.  Lulu asks why Sonny’s never quit the business for his kids. Sonny says it isn’t that easy to get out.  Lulu doesn’t want to ask Dante to change; pointing out that her mother asked her father and things didn’t turn out.  Sonny points out Dante isn’t Luke and that Lulu isn’t her mother. He sees a future between Dante and Lulu.

Lulu’s not sure of a future, if Dante’s not coming home.  She doesn’t think she wants that.  Sonny tells her if that’s how she feels, she needs to do what’s right; break it off with Dante and not marry him.  Sonny says Lulu shouldn’t live in fear. Risk is part of Dante’s job, but he knows she loves Dante. However, she needs to be honest, because the worst thing to do is tell him she can live with his life and then realize later she can’t.

Lulu realizes they aren’t talking about Dante anymore. Sonny admits it reminds him of Brenda; they were living in a bubble, but she couldn’t deal with his life.  Sonny doesn’t want Dante hurt and says she’d knowingly break Dante’s heart, if she goes ahead with the engagement.  As Sonny’s leaving, he asks again about Kate. Lulu swears she doesn’t know where Kate is.  Sonny tells her to do the right for Dante and for her sake. 

Delores stops by the hospital to ask Dante more questions.  Talk turns to drugs and dirty cops. She makes a comment about Lucky and the drug case.  Dante swears Lucky is a good cop going through a difficult time.  Delores asks him whether he considers Sonny a good man. Dante wonders what her point.  Delores wonders if Dante is hoping the case is never solved. He asks why wouldn’t he want to know who shot him.  She tells him that whoever shot him could be one of Sonny’s men, or Sonny himself.  She asks how his fiancé would feel about him not coming home and he asks how she knows.  She says she saw the ring when she picked up Lulu. She makes the connection that Lucky will be his brother in law. That’s why he’s so defensive of Lucky.  Dante says he’s told her everything he knows. 

Kate stops by Jake’s for a drink. Coleman is not happy to see her. He wonders why she’s playing games with him. He thought what they had was real, but she decided she no longer had time for him.  Kate says she didn’t have the same feelings. He wonders if she found someone else.  Coleman mentions seeing a tabloid of her at Jason’s wedding with Sonny and wonders what role Sonny is playing in her life.  She tells him it’s none of his business. He asks if she’s lowered her standards again.  Kate pulls Coleman into a kiss, just as Sonny arrives and sees it. 

Liz stops the kiss, but Matt wonders why it can’t continue.  Liz says they’re doing it for all the wrong reasons, he’ll realize that when he sobers up.  She mentions how angry Maxie would be if she found out. Matt tells her she’s putting on the brakes because of Lucky.  Matt apologizes for that and Liz asks if he would have stopped the kiss if she hadn’t.  Matt says it’s no big deal. It’s just sex and to be happy.  Matt tells her she can’t always hold onto Lucky, but then turn to other men to be saved.  Liz tells him he’s crossed the line and he’s now alone at his own party, before storming off.

Lisa is surprised to see Anthony. He says he had help and expects cooperation from her, since he brought her out of the coma.  He feels they can be use to each other, but Lisa wonders how she can trust him.  Anthony will allow her to finish what she started. He tells her there’s a boat waiting for her when she’s done.  He warns that she’ll need to be on it to disappear, but show restraint in the body count.  He asks about the captain. Lisa says he’s next on her list and that she had needles for everyone.  Anthony later sees a toolbox with a wrench he can use. 

Olivia and Steve are making out, when she suddenly starts feeling seasick.  Once she’s feeling better, Steve dares her to go skinny dipping. They both jump off the side of the boat naked.  Back in the cabin, she asks him to sing for her again and hands him a guitar.  After a quick joke, he does sing and gets very emotional into the song, which she points out when he’s done. 

Robin explains to Patrick again that being chief of staff is not as fulfilling as when she was doing research.  They’re happy for their time alone and make love.  Afterwards, they talk about the house they want to build.  Lisa listens at the door.  The captain catches her, so she stabs him with a syringe.  Robin and Patrick declare their love and she heads out to get some food. 

Dante calls Lulu back. She promises to drop by the next day to see him.  He wonders why she’s rushing him off the phone again.  They both declare their love.  Off the phone, Lulu grabs a drink and downs it. 

Matt toasts himself alone, upset that he chased off the one person who understood.

Liz is standing alone on the deck of the boat.  When she turns, Lisa is there.