General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Lisa chloroforms Liz and tosses her over the railing into the water.  Either Liz only weighs a couple of pounds or Lisa is freakishly strong. 

Sonny tells Coleman to back off, but he points out that the kiss was Kate’s idea.  Sonny tells Kate she doesn’t get to have a bad day and then play with the help. He orders her to have a drink with him or he’ll make life hell for Coleman. Kate wonders if he’s having her followed, but Sonny points out Jake’s is one of the places he keeps an eye on.  He wonders where Kate’s been, but she changes the subject to Kristina and how he helped get her into Yale. 

Maxie and Spinelli climb onto the shore of Spoon Island.  She can’t get cell service and continues to natter on about needing to get to the yacht, before Liz steals Matt.  She goes on about giving Matt time to do his research. Now he deserves the time in the spotlight.  Spin notices a light and points it out, but it’s gone by the time she looks. 

When they get up to the house, Maxie tries the land line, but finds it dead as well.  Spinelli claims to feel the evilness in the walls. The door to the secret passageway opens.  Spin wants to go in and prove the new him is brave. However, Maxie doesn’t want anything to do with it or any romance between them.  She closes the door and they go looking for gas for the boat, which they find.  Spin promises to get her out to the yacht.  When they leave, the door reopens. 

Kate asks Sonny where he’s been and sees the keys he’s playing with.  Sonny admits he bought the old house he grew up in, because he didn’t want to be afraid anymore. He goes on about Deke, the closet and being beaten up. He finally broke the door of the closet and attached a piece to the key.  Kate tells him it’s owning him, not the other way around, but he says it’s hard to let go. 

Kate tells Sonny he needs to move on, but he feels his kids need him.  He asks her what she feels for Coleman. She denies any feelings and tells him he should let go of his past.  She doesn’t want to let her past define who she is.  Sonny points out that when they fight, she hooks up with a low life, but Kate reminds him they aren’t together. She only came into the bar for a drink.  Sonny claims he can see in her eyes that she wants him.  She wonders where Brenda fits in that fantasy, but Sonny says Brenda left. He can’t hold onto anyone because they get hurt.  He touches the ring on her hand, but she pulls back.  Sonny grabs her and kisses her, then leaves. 

Steve finishes his song. Olivia wonders why his eyes look like he’s lost someone.  The two talk about her past, Sonny, raising a teenager and then she asks what he’s hiding? He doesn't tell her anything.  Steve remembers he needs to get back to the hospital and decides to go looking for the captain.  They find the engine room empty. Olivia notices something wrong with the engine. 

Johnny’s who’s apparently been lying on the floor of his apartment for the past two weeks, finally manages to drag himself up onto the couch. 

Someone carries a passed out Liz out of the water and lays her on the shore.

Robin’s tired of hearing Patrick’s stomach grumble and heads out to get him some food. 

Lisa goes into the room and surprises Patrick.  When Robin comes back, she hears the shower and heads into the bathroom.  Lisa grabs her and chloroforms her.  When Robin comes to, Patrick is passed out on the bed and she asks Lisa what she’s done, but Lisa tells Robin she did it.