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Oops...It was Lisa De Cazotte Nancy Lee Grahn Was Talking About!


Update: Egg meet face. It looks like Nancy Lee Grahn's daughter Kate has more than one producer Godmother! Grahn was tweeting about the hiring of Lisa De Cazotte at Days of Our Lives. I guessed wrong and reader Charleyhorse had it right! #Falls on sword.

I was just about to settle in for a quiet Saturday night when one of Daytime Confidential's readers/listeners asked me on Facebook if I knew anything about the "big soap news" General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted was set to break on Monday. Of course, being the good (read: nosey) soap blogger I am, I went to La Grahn's Twitter handle and found this tantalizing teaser:

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Very excited about soap news about to be broken Monday. I LOVE the person that this is about. She is Kate's Godmother. That's all I'll say

Without much to go on, I went to Google and typed "Nancy Lee Grahn," "Kate" and "Godmother" and came upon an older tweet from Grahn wishing her daughter's godmama happy birthday and also dropping that said g-parent worked on the hit CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother as an executive producer.

Happy bday Pinny My bff, Kate's Godmother ( Exec prod, director, emmy nominee of How I met ur Mother)U've never been older than today

So, then I went to IMDB and looked up all of HIMYM's showrunners and landed on a Pamela Fryman, who, whaddya know, got her start in television on my fav-o-rite soap opera ever Santa Barbara, where Grahn first shot to fame as Julia Wainright Capwell! I also Googled Pamela Fryman's b-day and found a HIMYM crew member tweeting a "Pam Fryman" a happy birthday wish on the same exact date Grahn had wished her pal "Pinny" one!

Now I can't swear that Pinny and Pamela Fryman are one in the same, or that said "soap news" is about Fryman, but I have managed to connect Fryman to Grahn in less than six degrees of soap-er-ation. Wonder what the big news is? ;-)

Photo of Pamela Fryman courtesy of DGA