Former All My Children Hunk Producing Reality Show About Trailer Park Dwellers

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Matt Borlenghi must have grown tired of waiting around for General Hospital to bring Valentin Cassadine to town. The enterprising actor, who was supposed to help reignite the classic Cassadine dynasty's presence in Port Charles a few years back—prior to the soap getting stuck on the James Franco Cray Cray Merry-go-Round of Stupid—has moved on to producing!

Borlenghi, who starred opposite Kelly Ripa in Al My Children during the 90's, is busy producing a reality show about women who live in trailer parks. The good-looking star tells the New York Post the series is "all about transitioning life to the trailer park and dealing with each other as neighbors.” He also promises oodles of strippers and a pair Cajun sisters who love to make fisticuffs as opposed to well...gumbo. The series, charmingly entitled Trailer Park Girlz, is being shopped now. I guess the name All My Herpes was taken?