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The Young and the Restless Spoilers Plus November Sweeps!

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Victor: The Black Knight gets some news about his lady love, Nikki. Meanwhile, Victor goes to great lengths to help Sharon.

Ronan/Phyllis: Things get a bit steamy between the two. Ronan also has some evidence to nail Adam.

Jill: She has a showdown with her mobster husband.

Cane/Lily: Get ready Lane fans. The two have a touching and sweet reunion.

Roxanne: She is not thrilled about Abby's feelings for Devon.

Nick: The Newman playboy turns his back on Sharon.

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Adam/Avery: The two team up to save Sharon. Adam sets a trap for Heather, seducing the barrister! Their rendezvous lands in Restless Style, which causes Sharon to be released from jail and Heather to bolt from Genoa City.

Chloe: The fashionista has a stunning gift for Kevin.

Billy: The Abbott scion is close to snapping regarding the secret he's keeping.

November Sweeps

Nikki: Inquiring minds want to know where she snuck off to the night of Diane's murder. Things look bad for Nikki when Diane's killer starts to frame her for the murder! Look for Victor and Nikki's epic romance to be reignited and front burner. 

Billy/Cane: The Aussie con man sticks his neck out for for his faux brother. Cane understands the situation Billy is in with Victoria, because it's similar to what he just went through with Lily. Missing Delia, Billy also starts to empathize with what Cane did to protect his twins.

Adam/Sharon/Nick/Victor: Once Sharon gets sprung from jail, her choices stun everyone. Sharon attempts to put all her drama in the past and wants custody of little Faith. She also deals with her feelings for Adam, which may once again derail her other relationships

Ronan/Phyllis/Nick/Avery: Big Red gets to see a side of Ronan no one else has. Meanwhile, her little sister has her sights set on Nick. Nick realizes how similar Phyllis and Avery are, except Avery isn't as volatile, which he appreciates. Will Nick end up doing the nasty with Phyllis' sister? 

Paul/Cricket: Ms. Blair hits town to deal with Colin. While back in Genoa City, Paul and Cricket talk about the good (and bad old days), especially Cricket's battle with the unhinged Isabella. Look for flashbacks of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria in the role of Ricky's lethal madre!