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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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This three hour cruise is turning out longer than Gilligan’s, and a lot less interesting.

Sam wakes up to find Carly looking over Josslyn, asleep in a crib.  Carly wonders how Sam managed to get the baby to sleep. Sam explains that she talked the little one to sleep.  Carly admits Sam is good at the mommy stuff.  Sam doesn’t know how Carly does it. Carly claims it’s good to have a nanny.  Sam wonders if it’s hard without Jax and feels Carly drove Jax away...  Carly admits it’s the truth.  Carly says she still loves Jax, but things don’t always work out perfectly.  Sam wonders if Carly would want to work things out if Jax wasn’t dead and Carly turns it back on her. 

Shawn lets Jason know that there is no sign of Franco.  He tells Jason to continue enjoying his honeymoon, before having to deal with the mess in PC.  Jason explains that he knows about Dante and the drugs. He jokes Shawn could take over for him if he wants.  Jason asks about Sonny. Shawn assures him that they’re co-existing.  Shawn tells Jason about everything in Port Charles, including Michael finding Dante and wanting to help with the drugs.  Jason wonders if the Zaccharas are behind it. Sonny will want payback.  Shawn figures Sonny is waiting for Jason’s return. Jason asks Shawn if he wants to stay on. 

The fireworks start, catching them all of guard.  Sam and Jason head back into the cabin to watch the show from their room.  Sam’s worried the fireworks will wake up Josslyn. Jason tells her she’s a natural with the baby.  Sam mentioned Carly asking her about having a baby and wondering if they’re ready yet.  Sam says it takes a lot to be a mother, a parent and Jason wonders should they or shouldn’t they. 

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Shawn pulls back when Carly touches his arm. Carly wonders if the fireworks will trigger Shawn’s  PTSD. He says that’s not how it works. He talks about his time in the war and that he doesn’t allow himself to be touched.  She gives him Josslyn’s stuffed dog. Carly says she doesn’t understand him but wants to. 

Matt drunkenly toasts himself, still complaining about Patrick.  He gets a call from Maxie, but can’t understand so hangs up.  He finds a picture of himself that Liz drew before storming off and decides to go looking for her.  He finds her red scarf on the deck and returns to his room, to continue drinking with the scarf. 

The unknown man brings Liz to shore, but runs off when she comes to. 

Olivia complains about the state of the engine and decides she’s going to fix it.  Olivia almost faints.  Steven takes her back to their room.  She claims it’s just motion sickness or the fumes from the engine.  When he heads out to get a first aid kit, she goes back to the engine room. She gets nauseous again, prays to her medal and manages to fix the engine.  Olivia heads out, looking for the captain, but has another dizzy spell. 

Robin’s yelling at Patrick to wake up, asking Lisa why she’s there and what she wants.  Lisa says she has plans for Patrick, but isn’t sure what to do about Robin.  Robin can’t understand how this is happening, since they all prayed Lisa would never wake up.  Robin wonders why this is what Lisa would want with her second chance.  Robin yells for help, but Lisa warns her to stop and threatens Emma.  Patrick wakes up, orders Lisa to untie him and let Robin go, but Lisa claims she no longer has emotions. 

Lisa feels she did things wrong the last time, because she was rushed.  Patrick tells her he’s always wanted her, but just told Robin what she wanted to hear.  Robin plays along, upset by what Patrick is saying, while working the rope her hands are tied with.  Lisa doesn’t believe him. She pulls out a syringe and grabs Robin’s arm.  Patrick demands to know what she injected Robin with, but turns out, she took out some of Robin’s HIV infected blood to inject into Patrick. 

Robin begs her not to do it and assures Lisa that if she injects Patrick, she’ll never be with him again.  Lisa assures them that she’s only giving Patrick what he wants.  Patrick claims he isn’t scared. He says Robin has lived with HIV since she was a teenager and that nothing’s going to change.  Lisa angrily says everything will change and heads towards Patrick with the needle.  Robin unties her hands and makes a grab for the needle.  The two fight over it.